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Using VGA Grid, multiple VGA, DVI, HDMI, video, and audio signals may be broadcast over a LAN or Internet. VGA Grid can broadcast up to 256 sources simulate­ously and is able to timestamp, combine, and compress the data steam. VGA Grid is configurable through a web interface and can be easily integrated into your webpage or custom software. Viewers are able to access the VGA Grid through any computer or connected device.

  How VGA Grid is Applied in Video Surveillance SystemsNowadays serious measures should be taken to beat augmented hazards in our life and guarantee total security. Although progress gives us new technologies and tools, this growth carries also critical risks. Interactive video surveillance systems are one of the best methods to stay away from threats. VGA Grid from Epiphan Systems serves as a key component of security systems comprising multiple surveillance cameras...  Read more »»
  Remote Surveillance Monitoring with Epiphan VGA GridVideo surveillance is a part of our daily lives. Cameras can be found now almost everywhere. This trend has gathered momentum rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. Video surveillance is becoming more sophisticated day by day. There are different kinds of solutions designed for monitoring visual, auditory and communications data. Modern technology is not limited simply to tools for gathering information but extends to systems for interpreting data and evaluating...  Read more »»
  VGA Grid Provides Remote Monitoring in Multiple LocationsAppropriate safety measures help to reduce the risk of fault, incidents, and failures disrupting normal operations. Protecting assets, staff and profitability demands an integrated approach to industrial safety that helps improving business performance and peace of mind. Click here for more information on VGA Grid A European energy group operates oil refining and petrochemical complex with many miles of pipeline...  Read more »»
  Video Surveillance as a Key Component of Security ProgramsThe Internet is bringing advanced and exciting technologies to the people. Streaming digital video is one of the biggest innovations that has come about because of the Internet. The ability to install multiple cameras and monitor them all makes video surveillance possible. Network has been the catalyst to developing more sophisticated digital technologies and video surveillance is one of the areas where major changes have taken place. Click...  Read more »»