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MedRecorder is a simple solution for video capture, archival, organization, and retrieval of diagnostic-quality medical images and DICOM images from nearly any medical device that has a video display. It is an effective low-volume picture archive and communi­cation system (PACS) solution, and can also be used to enhance hospital security and improve the billing process.

  Capturing Medical Images with an Internal DVI2PCIe Frame GrabberStoring of physical documents including images has been a problem in medicine. Resulting from recent advances in imaging technology many clinicians create images during the diagnostic process. They are obliged to retain this data for many years according to regulatory requirements. Previously it was pretty hard for the health centres and clinics to cope with a great number of patient's records. Due to rapidly evolving technologies, storing and accessing multiple data is much easier...  Read more »»
  Create Ultrasound Training Videos with DVI2USB 3.0 Ultrasound training courses are intended for medical students and professionals who are planning to use ultrasound. Although this training provides detailed theory, it is largely requires many hours of hands-on training with clinical rotations. During the training students must collect a series of ultra sound images with various medical conditions and diagnosis. They may be given a task to scan anything - from the digestive system to the nervous system, tumors, blood vessels,...  Read more »»
  Streaming and Recording Video Feeds from the Operation RoomSince new technologies in the operating room (OR) are evolving, surgeons need to handle many sources of information.  These are digital imaging archives (PACS), medical informatics systems, intra-operative imaging (fluoroscopy, MRI), video (endoscope, microscope), computer assisted surgery systems. Possibility to distribute multimedia sources enabling effective surgeon-to computer interaction is a promising approach. Operating theater video recording system allows a surgeon to...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Records Operations in the Japanese Clinic for Effective Surgery Training Healthcare professionals worldwide are very creative with the approaches that empower them to improve the effectiveness of their work. Epiphan’s frame grabbers universally known for their multiple applications in medicine are an effective and viable way to provide such improvement. Please read further to know more about using VGA2USB in a clinic to improve surgery skills. Click here for more information on VGA2USB  Read more »»