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VGA Recorder Lite and Lecture Recorder are stand-alone recording devices that can capture the video from any VGA, DVI, HDMI or video signal without any additional software or hardware, all at full resolution and quality. They is able store the captured data in the internal memory or upload it to a FTP repository. Both devices can be easily accessed and configured over the Internet using a web interface.

  Capturing Multiple Streams from the Video Switching UnitA Video switching unit provides full audio-visual switching capability to the various video systems applied in security, entertainment and other areas. All video components such as displays, projectors, etc. can be wired up and accessed at one central switching location. The video switching unit simultaneously routes video from single source or from many sources to many displays. You can cascade some units to achieve greater configurations. Although each source is not directly...  Read more »»
Lecture Recorder x2 Lecture Recorder x2 Learn more »»    Buy now »»
  Improving Your Webinar Visuals with Lecture Recorder x2Webinars are used for a variety of purposes and it would take us much time to list them all. Individual and group mentoring, software training, educational workshops, sharing information about a new service or product, and so on. Nowadays, there are many online tools which make hosting a webinar very easy and accessible for everyone, even for persons with limited technology expertise. Usually webinars rely on visuals and audio and both should be engaging to get your ideas across....  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder as a Means for Business CollaborationON24 is the global leader in webcasting and virtual events. The company develops industry-leading webcasting, virtual events and lead generation solutions that meet the performance, value and reliability requirements of businesses of all types and sizes. ON24's focus is on the breadth of its product offering; as a result, it provides a full portfolio of products, solutions and services for internal and external communications. ON24...  Read more »»
  Making Screencasts with Lecture Recorder x2There are a couple of new education approaches that involve creating a sort of virtual classroom. Its members are allowed to learn at their own pace using video tutorials. The cornerstone of these approaches is ability of the instructor to show the ideas and theories using screen recording tools rather than simply explain them providing his/her personal one on one experience. Sharing a virtual desktop via video presentation (screencasting), has become popular with the advent of...  Read more »»
  Organize Webinars Using Epiphan Lecture RecorderPeach New Media is a leading provider of online continuing education, managed webinars, and live webcasting. PNM has taken these services and added social media to create "knowledge communities" to engage participants in a more interactive environment. A webinar, or web conferencing, provides holding live meetings, presentations and trainings over the Internet. They also can be a significant part of online continuing...  Read more »»
  Preparing Tutorial Videos for Embedding on a Web PortalThere are plenty of websites with embedded short clips of training video that impart knowledge on multiple topics. Video tutorials have been recognized as an effective tool in teaching and providing instructions to people who need to become familiar with news products or technology. Preparing videos using screen recording equipment for delivering presentations and trainings as compare to written products has many advantages. Such videos as unique presentations are expected to...  Read more »»