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Epiphan Systems manufactures VGA, DVI, and HDMI capture equipment for a wide variety of applications. From printing the image from a monitor to administering headless machines, Epiphan has a solution that will suit your needs. For example, KVM2USB is ideal for replacing a monitor, keyboard, and mouse "crash cart" setup. As a self-powered device the size of a box of paper clips, KVM2USB lets you use your laptop as a terminal for accessing servers, headless machines, embedded devices, ATMs, and any other computerized equipment with a VGA port.

  KVM2USB Helps to Maintain Operation of Satellites Onboard the ISS KVM2USB is a popular and high-performance solution that finds application in different areas. It provides a handy approach for managing “headless” solutions that run without any keyboards and other input/output devices. It is used not only to solve problems on Earth but also in space! Read on to know...  Read more »»
  KVM2USB Provides Remote Managing of Headless ServersHeadless servers usually perform tasks not requiring a local user at the console. These machines run without input/output devices – keyboard, monitor, and mouse. When it comes to interacting with the server, any IT administrator would benefit from a compact external device that provides immediate and convenient access to headless servers. There is no need for the keyboard and monitor. You even do not have to visit the server room each time you need to perform maintenance...  Read more »»
  Preview Television Captions and Graphics with Epiphan's KVM2USBMST Systems Ltd. provides official timing and data services to motorsport events throughout the UK and to leading motorsport teams at major international events. Its solutions provide realtime sports data to teams, national and international press, circuit based and TV commentators in an easily readable format. "Our solution allows television producers to add real-time captions automatically at the touch of a...  Read more »»