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VGA Broadcaster Lite is a compact stand-alone VGA, DVI, and HDMI web broadcast solution. Using motion JPEG, MPEG4, or H.263 video compression, VGA Broadcaster Lite is able to broadcast from any source at a rate of 1-3fps. Without any licensing fees, users are able to view the captured video in real time using either their web browser, QuickTime player, or VLC player. Configuration is done through a web interface.

  Adobe Flash Media Encoder and DVI2USB 3.0 Perform Live Streaming From Any Screens Video streaming technologies allows users to prepare, manage and distribute professional quality video and audio files as well as share them with the audience all over the world. It is well known that live event streaming is a very informative means. This approach enables solving multiple tasks in numerous domains. It is possible to deliver live or recorded education and training to multiple office locations, provide corporate training for employees no matter where they are located,...  Read more »»
  Web conferences: Going beyond sharing presentations and desktopsShare different displays and cameras as part of your video conferencing or web collaboration. Online meeting services from companies like WebEx, Go-To-Meeting, Skype and Google Hangouts can save you time, money and travel costs. Epiphan's products and solutions help you extend additional value from those online meeting services by allowing you to share more effectively with others in your meeting. Chose Epiphan...  Read more »»
Lecture Recorder x2 Lecture Recorder x2 Learn more »»    Buy now »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Allows You to Record from iPad and Share Your Gameplay SessionsNowadays gamers are very social. If you are an expert in the iPad games, you might have been through legendary battles with many great goals. No doubt that sooner or later you will consider sharing your skills and performance with your co-players, friends, or even the players all over the world. When you share accomplishments by capturing and sharing your favourite gameplay sessions it is much easier to connect with fellow gamers and achieve status and recognition for elite skills.  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Provides Visual and Hearing Impairment AssistanceEqual opportunities and equal rights should be secured for people with disabilities. Their specific demands among other issues are accessibility and safety in transportation and the physical environment as well as equal opportunities in independent living and education. In case when the delegates with special needs are expected to attend an event, be it meeting, seminar or conference, the organizers face some specific issues that should be addressed properly. Using cutting-edge...  Read more »»
  Why They Choose LRx2? Sound Arguments from a CustomerStreaming video represents now an important technology trend. The rise in popularity of streaming video is good news for different user groups. Those who create education content for conducting lectures and classes remotely greatly benefit from easy-to-use and set up comprehensive video broadcasting. It leverages existing content to create greater community and extends the reach of the content. Business owners who use Internet marketing to reach their target audiences realize...  Read more »»
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  Corporate Video Conferencing for Local and Remote AttendeesThe following describes how Epiphan customers are transforming their traditional audio conferencing to a high performance multi media video conferencing facility without the need to install complex systems or special network configurations. Epiphan products capture the meeting and the multi media presentations and then stream HD video to remote participants as shown below. This solution can be used from a meeting room, or your desktop. Click...  Read more »»
  Use VGADVI Broadcaster to Create a VGA, DVI, HDMI AV Extender Bridge2Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster™ can be used as an ultra long distance VGA/DVI/HDMI display source extender. This unique solution that enables a user to propagate the DVI, HDMI1 video or VGA output from any display source to another projector or display screen equipped with a set top box, or Smart TV elsewhere. These remote displays can be in the same building, or across the internet. ...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster as Video Conferencing ToolVideo conferencing is an efficient business communication tool and strategic enabler of the computer age. High-tech companies, government agencies, and multilocation companies regularly use video conferencing to share critical information, conduct training, organize meetings, and hold strategic discussions. During economic downturns and recessions, video conferencing as a competitive tool makes a strong comeback helping companies save in travel costs. Video conferencing in business...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster Enables Recording of Collaboration Events in the Adobe Connect Pro EnvironmentGreat projects for business are created by great meetings. In many businesses employees are scattered all over the place and it complicates meetings management. Very often we can say that they are a necessary evil although discussions can be the most profitable of all business forums. Fortunately this does not mean that all meetings should be attended in person. Online meetings and software designed for their needs are very popular with many companies today. Adobe Acrobat Connect...  Read more »»
  VGADVI Broadcaster is an Efficient Corporate Communication Tool Video realizes greater information retention than other media types. Cutting-edge video and audio broadcasting equipment makes it easy for you to record and broadcast whole channels of video content. Live broadcasting gives the ability to stream live video directly from the user's computer or video capturing devices. Multiple companies can take advantage of live video broadcasting. It provides more effective corporate communication without hardware equipment upgrades or expensive...  Read more »»