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USB 2.0 video grabber designed for AV professionals that require a high precision industrial VGA video grabber. VGA2USB Pro captures VGA streams at resolutions of up to 2048×2048 in a 24-bit color palette.

Features at a glance

VGA2USB Pro is designed for AV professionals looking to capture professional grade, high resolution video with resolution up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600 in widescreen mode) from VGA sources using an external USB-based solution.

Encased in solid aluminum with no need to modify the software or hardware configuration of the host system,  VGA2USB Pro is a secure and reliable solution for capturing high resolution video and images from just about any VGA source.

Frame rates for the VGA2USB Pro are based on the captured content; fast full motion video has lower frame rates and slow motion video such as a PowerPoint presentation has higher frame rates. Varying frame rates are useful in situations where system resources are limited. In the majority of applications, VGA2USB Pro captures lossless 2048×2048 video at 5 to 18 frames per second.

VGA2USB Pro is a full-featured VGA video grabber complete with hardware, USB cable and software capable of capturing video from any screen, displaying captured data in real time, saving captured video and images to disk, copying captured images to a clipboard, or recording captured images as a series of consecutively saved files. Furthermore, VGA2USB Pro is compatible with virtually any third party software that supports an external video device or webcam, including Skype and Windows Media Encoder. 

If you require an internal, high performance video grabber with capable of capturing 2K resolution, refer to DVI2PCIe Pro.

USB 2.0 frame grabber designed for power users that require extremely high precision industrial VGA capture. VGA2USB Pro can capture VGA streams at resolutions of up to 2048×2048 in a 24-bit palette.

  • Capture any VGA signal at up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600 widescreen) resolution at 5-18 frames per second
  • Captures 1024×768 resolutions at 60 fps
  • Frame rate varies based on source content
  • Compact, external form factor – easy to transport and integrate
  • Self-powered through USB – external power source not required
  • Interfaces to multiple 3rd party applications compatible with DirectShow on Windows, Video4Linux on Linux, QuickTime on Mac OS X

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