How to use the SRT protocol for remote guests and contributors

Want to add a remote contributor to your live stream while ensuring the overall quality of your production stays consistent? The SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) video streaming protocol can help. Tune in to learn how SRT technology can elevate your video productions with a live demo of SRT encoding and decoding on Pearl systems.

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Discover the better way to add remote guests to your productions


Get an SRT crash course

The SRT protocol is relatively new to the video streaming world. With the help of our AV experts, get to grips with this exciting step forward for remote production so you can add it to your toolbox.

Choose your setup

Learn about SRT setups

You’re sold on SRT and how it can elevate your video productions – but what exactly will you need? We’ll go over various setups to ensure you fully understand what’s required.


See how it’s done on Pearl

Pearl’s latest firmware release adds SRT encoding and decoding to an already robust and versatile feature set. Get a front-row demo of SRT on Pearl and discover what’s possible.