How to produce a virtual conference

Virtual conferences are essential for event planners and conference organizers who’ve had to cancel events in 2020 – but they do present challenges. What equipment will you need? How do you virtually bring together remote hosts and guests? Our video streaming experts cover it all in this free and interactive webinar.

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Learn how to run a professional virtual conference production

Choose your tools

Gear and setup

What equipment do I need? How do I bring in remote guests? What’s the best way to add titles and play back media files? We’ve got answers.


Workflow and production tips

We’ll share our insights on making sure your virtual conference runs smoothly, covering everything from layout creation and live switching to line production and monitor layout best practices.

Choose your CDN platform

Effective online delivery

Ultimately, reaching your viewers online is paramount. From video conferencing software like Zoom, to live streaming and specialized webinar platforms, we will help you to pick the right solution.