Pearl Nano: Live demo

Pearl Nano is almost ready to ship! Learn what features make this mighty little encoder a perfect fit for small-scale live event production and SRT contribution, and an ideal streamer/recorder add-on to a full production switcher.

  • 20 minutes

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Pearl Nano

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    Discover the perfect-fit streamer and recorder

    Pearl Nano is compact, easy to use, and reliable with a refined feature set that makes it ideal for key video production applications. Find out where Pearl Nano fits into your video production.

  • Information technology

    Explore Pearl Nano’s refined feature set

    From SRT encoding/decoding and multistreaming to the convenient front screen and powerful custom layout designer, there’s a lot to get excited about with the new Pearl Nano. We dive into all the key features.

  • See Pearl Nano in action

    Hearing about Pearl Nano is one thing, but it doesn’t compare to seeing first-hand what this new system can do. Our interactive webinar gives you a front-row demo.

Your expert hosts

Our expert host will take you on an in-depth tour of this exciting new system and answer your questions live.

  • George Herbert profile pic
    George Herbert

    George Herbert is Epiphan's technical support manager and training guru. He provides custom demos of Epiphan's solutions using our local streaming studio and often mans our booth at trade shows.

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