Build a better hybrid workflow with Epiphan Unify

Epiphan Unify

Build a better hybrid workflow.

Add remote participants into your live event productions. Bring in contributors from their office (even remote WFH locations) in 4K, or an expert to speak at a conference in another continent. Unify makes multi-site contribution simple.

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​​Create multi-site video experiences – in the cloud

The easiest way to mix live video from multiple locations without compromising on quality. Make branded video experiences with your remote studios – all from the cloud.

Multi-site productions

Much more in store for Unify

Unify will evolve over time with brand-new features for your virtual and hybrid productions. Here are just a few of the capabilities we have planned.

  • Titling and graphics

    Titling and graphics

    Enhance your productions with lower thirds, dynamic overlays, animated logos, and other on-screen graphics.

  • Live streaming

    Media playback

    Easily incorporate videos and other rich media into your productions with the abilities to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

  • Live speech-to-text transcription

    Automatic live transcription services

    Make your live streams more accessible and engaging with accurate automatic real-time transcription.

Unify - Connect


Flexible and open platform, Unify enables you to bring your team and technologies into perfect production harmony.

Simplify remote contribution

Add remote guests into your productions, wherever they are. Bring a CEO into a company town hall from their home office in 4K, or an expert to speak at a conference in another continent. Unify makes multi-site contribution easy.

Work with the gear that works for you

Thanks to Unify’s open-platform architecture, you can bring in 4K video signals from any SRT encoder or camera – stretching your hardware investments further and insulating your company against supply chain snags.

Unify - Create

Unify’s cloud-based toolkit empowers you to create captivating on-demand content and multi-site hybrid events.

Make hybrid look easy

From hardware compatibility issues to the dizzyingly complex pin farms, “hybrid” can often mean “headache.” Unify’s intuitive user interface and open-platform architecture streamline hybrid production so you can stage multi-site events that will wow any audience.

Keep pace with your ambitions

It can take a lot of processing power to make a hybrid event happen. Unify scales to provide the resources you need to create and deliver live streams and on-demand content that are sure to impress and engage.

Unify - Optimize - leverage Unify for multi-site productions

Unify transforms your video production into an ultraefficient pipeline that delivers broadcast-quality results for hybrid, multi-site events.

Maximize your productivity with multi-site capabilities

Your talents are in high demand. Problem is, you can’t be in two places at once. Epiphan Unify is the next best thing, giving you the power to manage and monitor multiple productions from a single location through an intuitive UI.

Sleep tight before those big events

Powered by the Epiphan Media Engine (EME), Unify is built on the same rock-solid foundation as Epiphan’s trusted Pearl video production systems. With over a decade of field-proven performance on your side, you can work in the cloud with confidence.

Sign up and start using Unify today

Share your details for a chance to be among the first to try Epiphan Unify. Unify will allow you to transform and optimize your workflows for producing hybrid events. You’ll have the ability to leverage multi-site feeds, deliver broadcast quality experiences, and so much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Unify isn’t yet available to the public. If you’re interested in exploring this revolutionary cloud-powered platform, you can sign up for a chance to be part of the private preview.

Unify is currently available as a private preview to select customers. We’re planning for wide availability later this year.

Anyone can sign up, but spots are limited.

Pricing for Unify is private during this exclusive preview period. We’ll share those details publicly in the future.

Unify is built on industry-recognized standards for cloud security and reliability, and impenetrable Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) encryption keeps your data safe from contribution to distribution.

No. While Unify was designed with our own encoders, the platform also works with other hardware that supports SRT.