Learn about Streaming and Recording Systems

Capture, Stream and Record.

When you want high quality HD recordings and multiple simultaneous live streams, you need professional streaming and recording systems. Epiphan products offer a balance between function and portability with options ranging from lightweight portable units to scalable rack mounted solutions. Deciding which system meets your needs comes down to the input sources, live streaming capabilities, storage capacity, resolutions they support.

Suitable for Pro AV events and conferences, mission-critical systems, diagnostic medicine systems or classroom lecture recording, the uses are limited only by your imagination.

What are streaming and recording systems?

Streaming and recording systems (also called video servers) range from small portable devices, to rack mountable servers which capture, stream and record video and audio from nearly any source. These powerful systems can encode video multiple ways so that you can record a HD copy for archival purposes while also live streaming a lower resolution to save your bandwidth. You can even create custom layouts for streaming and recording, combining multiple video sources into one stream.

Pearl-2 - Typical setup

What can I capture, stream and record?

Streaming and recording systems grab audio and video from nearly any type of source including HDMI, SDI, DVI, VGA or S-video.  Devices you can capture include high definition cameras, laptops, medical devices and much more.

How do Epiphan streaming and recording systems work?

sources for streaming and recording systems

Connect your sources

  • Local signals from HDMI™, SDI, DVI, VGA or S-Video
  • Analog and embedded SDI/HDMI audio capture
  • Connect remote video and audio sources*

*Using Networked VGA Grid and VGA Grid HD Encoders

encoding methods

Encoding & streaming

  • Use our default video encoding settings or fine-tune to meet your specifications
  • Create single or multi-source layouts with branding and custom background
  • Select from industry standard streaming protocols including RTMP, RTSP, HTTP and HLS
  • Configure recording time, size limits, file type, naming and automatic file uploads to local or networked storage
  • Integrate easily integrated with commercial content management systems

laptop streaming

Start streaming and recording

  • Streaming frame rate, bitrate and aspect ratio are automatically set and can be adjusted
  • Live stream to web browsers, media players, set-top boxes and more
  • Share your live stream with large audiences using built-in multicast streaming or stream to a CDN or streaming server for a wider distribution
  • Control the live stream and recording via our web interface, APIs, RS-232 and/or using our mobile apps

When would I use streaming and recording systems?

  • Stream presentations or conferences. Stream and record SDI, DVI, HDMI or VGA HD video signals up to 60 fps.
  • Web conferences. Share non-standard devices inside your event including high-def cameras, cell phones displays, ultrasounds and more.
  • Classroom lectures and distance learning.  Stream your HD video camera along with your slides using WebEx or Skype or other collaboration servers including CDNs
  • Telemedicine or medical training. Stream diagnostic-quality video and images for medical training, demos and for diagnostic purposes.
  • Corporate training (HR and compliance videos). Stream and record your screen and workflow to create training videos.
  • Corporate videos. Stream professional videos using true HD cameras, for better engagement of your audience.
  • In courtrooms and in field police work. Stream recorded video and present as evidence during legal trials.
  • Regulatory and insurance compliance. Record many screens, cameras or other devices and enable 24 by 7 recording to meet any business needs.