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How to record training sessions on the nuclear plant control simulator

July 13, 2015

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Training is one of the most important processes for organizations allowing it to function effectively. By this means employees receive information that essentially enhances profitability and productivity of organizations. Trainings bring employees up to another threshold of performance in different fields. There are multiple reasons for recording training sessions. First of all, it is a useful teaching tool. Successful recorded training can be used in coaching and feedback both by facilitators and participants. If you have a need to capture training sessions using HDMI™, DVI, or s-video cameras, and stream to a remote team or record for later replay then choose the Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster.

Training simulators at nuclear plants

Operational experience and safety experts indicate that human error is the greatest contributor to the risk of a severe accident in a nuclear power plant. In countries with nuclear power plants, personnel are regularly trained on control room simulators to help lower risks of accidents.

Benefits of recorded training sessions

Briefings on trainee performance and post-exercise critiques are a principal form of instructor-trainee interaction at the end of an exercise. Such critiques may involve multiple activities. Discussions based on the instructor and/or team observations require the trainees to re-run some parts of the exercise. The monitored parameters’ function of the simulator is also used. The instructor examines the recorded video of the training session to review what happened during the exercise and draw appropriate conclusions about the training. This material can be used in places where a full scope simulator is not available but operators need to receive their training to the full.

VGADVI Broadcaster use within training sessions

MAVCO provides global systems integration of audio, video, lighting, control and broadcast systems. MAVCO was contracted by Florida Power Light Company to design and install a control room simulator for a nuclear power plant. This system enables the trainers to view all students’ movements in the simulator room. A camera operator can zoom in and read small digital readouts and push-button labels. VGADVI Broadcaster captures video from DVI cameras installed in the room. VGADVI Broadcaster meets or exceeds the video quality and resolution requirements for MAVCO.

More Information on VGADVI Broadcaster

VGADVI Broadcaster is a compact external network frame grabber that is capable of capturing single link DVI, HDMI and VGA signals at rates of up to 60 frames per second.VGADVI Broadcaster also supports a stereo 3.5mm audio input.

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