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Record ATC Radar screens (2048×2048) with DVI2USB Duo

July 14, 2015

Record ATC Radar screens (2048×2048) with DVI2USB Duo image

Air Traffic Control (ATC) facilities enhance the safety of flights by providing the controllers with information such as flight plans, air movements from radar systems, direction finders and air-ground data-link messages. The radar data from various primary and secondary radar systems is processed to present the aircraft position and its related information, e.g. altitude, ground speed, aircraft callsign, aircraft category, etc. on the radar display. Air traffic controllers need this information to control the approach/departure, terminal and en-route traffic.

When capturing this data in for regulatory reasons, replay/assessment or training, full native resolution and quality are required. DVI2USB Duo from Epiphan is a powerful tool for recording, monitoring and replaying this vital data in real-time from multiple air traffic control and test flight data recording equipment.

Capturing Information from STARS Equipment

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) project replaces outdated equipment in terminal radar approach control (TRACON) and tower facilities.  STARS provides controllers with critical operational information about aircraft positions, flight data, and weather. The information is presented to air traffic controllers on high resolution color displays. It allows technical operations personnel to monitor and control system resources. DVI2USB DUO can capture any radar data and flight plan information from the STARS video output, compress it and transfer onto a computer where it can be saved or streamed over the network. High resolution image capturing up to 2048×2048 allows accurate recording of air traffic and weather data. DVI2USB DUO captures either single-link or dual-link DVI signals.

Integration with ASR-11 Digital Airport Surveillance Radar

DVI2USB DUO can acquire and record data from ASR-11 Digital Airport Surveillance Radar by Raytheon. This radar system is deployed at terminal air traffic control sites and contributes to significant improvement in situational awareness for both controllers and pilots. It is required that the radar data and control tower conversations be accurately recorded, archived and maintained by the ATCs. DVI2USB DUO has the intuitive, consistent interface that is extremely easy to learn, so that the staff is productive from day one. It uses Epiphan’s compression algorithm that provides lossless captured images. This information can be managed after capturing – web admin interface allows access to the recorded information at the touch of a button.

Advanced Solution to Record and Archive ATC Data

DVI2USB DUO incorporates the advanced techniques for data capture and comes with extensive capabilities for image capture configuration. This device is engineered to function in diverse military and civil aviation centers as it provides reliable ATC tower event monitoring. With high quality image capturing capabilities, this system is ready for the most demanding applications. It is scalable for the future as it allows easy updates. DVI2USB DUO is a valuable tool during accident investigations. It can provide information that may be impossible or difficult to obtain by other means. When used in conjunction with other information gained in the investigation, such devices are playing an increasing role during aircraft accidents.

More Information on DVI2USB DUO

DVI2USB Duo is the only compact, external frame grabber solution for the capture of dual link DVI video display signals. It is compatible with resolutions of up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600) and can capture computer generated images at a rate of up to 60 frames per second using an on board state-of-the-art lossless compression algorithm, making it ideal for precision applications such as air traffic control.

DVI2USB Duo capturing output