This product is discontinued.

For HD video capture

For DVI video capture at resolutions up to 1920×1200, we recommend HD. It has the same high quality, durable enclosure as DVI2USB Duo and supports brightness and contrast correction as well as vertical and horizontal offsets. It’s really the simplest way to capture video from your DVI source!

For 2K video capture

If you need to capture 2K resolutions, we recommend our PCIe video capture cards, DVI2PCIe and DVI2PCIe Duo. Using the same drivers and software as DVI2USB Duo, these capture cards offer all the precision and fine control needed for professional video capture tasks.


DVI2USB Duo is a compact, external video grabber designed to capture dual-link DVI signals. DVI2USB Duo easily captures video and images with resolutions of up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600 in widescreen mode) and up to 60 frames per second, depending on the input source.

Features at a glance

DVI2USB Duo is an industrial-grade, external video grabber that captures high-quality, high-resolution, dual-link DVI video signals with resolutions of up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600 in widescreen mode). DVI2USB Duo provides lossless capture rates of 60 frames per second at low resolutions, 8 to 30 fps at 1920×1200, and 5 to 14 fps at 2048×2048, depending on source content.

DVI2USB Duo is a full-featured DVI/HDMI™ video grabber complete with hardware, USB cable and software capable of capturing video from any screen, displaying captured video and images in real time, saving captured video and images to disk, copying captured images to a clipboard, or recording captured images as a series of consecutively saved files. DVI2USB Duo provides uncompressed dual channel video to third party recording, streaming, conferencing and video analysis software applications running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux platforms.

As a portable, compact external device, DVI2USB Duo is easy to use and to transport. About the size of a small book, it is simple to set-up.

  • Captures dual-link DVI and single-link DVI video signals
  • Supports resolutions up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600 widescreen)
  • Supports a capture rate of up to 14 fps at 2048×2048

DVI2USB Duo video grabber diagram


A compact, external video grabber for capturing dual- link DVI video signals. It supports resolutions of up to 2048×2048 (2560×1600 in widescreen mode) and can capture video at a rate of up to 60 frames per second.

  • Captures video from HDMI sources with adapter
  • Interfaces with multiple third party applications compatible with DirectShow on Windows, Video4Linux on Linux, QuickTime on Mac OS X

If you require a high performance internal PCIe capture card, refer to DVI2PCIe Pro.