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The simplest encoder for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Stream live to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

The easiest way to live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

Live streaming shouldn’t be complicated! Epiphan Webcaster X2™ is a dedicated encoder designed from the ground-up for live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, making streaming a breeze. Pair your device once with your accounts and it remembers your settings for all future streams.

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The easiest way to live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

Live monitoring and interactivity

Live monitoring and interactivity

Monitor your Facebook and YouTube live video and see viewer comments and reactions in real time. Simply connect a display to the Webcaster X2’s HDMI OUT port.

Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, or Twitch

Webcaster X2 streams your live video to your choice of Facebook Live, YouTube, or Twitch. Switching between them is simple, and Webcaster X2 remembers all your settings for all platforms.

Webcaster X2Feature slider 1
Connect your camera or
mixer with HDMI out
Connect your camera or
mixer with HDMI out
Pro video & audio
Stream to Facebook or YouTube
using Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Feature slider 2
Choose Facebook or YouTube,
then start and stop streaming with
the press of your finger
Multi-function button
Blinks when you are
streaming live
Status LED
Shows your device
pairing code or live
streaming status
LCD display
Feature slider 3
Monitor your live video, and see
real-time comments and reactions
from your viewers
Live monitoring

Stream to Facebook Live or YouTube

InterviewTennisVloggerRadio showRaceCoffee barristaEducationGuitaristWorshipCorporate speakingNature

Connect with your online

Control how you stream

Choose to stream to your Facebook Timeline or any Group, Event or Page you administer. On YouTube, choose to stream live now, or publish to a scheduled event. Connect a mouse and monitor to Webcaster X2 for additional configuration options.

Control how you stream

iPhone with reactions

Reliable encoding designed for social media

Webcaster X2 is designed specifically for streaming to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Set up is easy with a simple device code to pair it to your accounts, the rest is done for you – the device comes pre-configured with optimal encoding settings for YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch streaming.

Pro audio and video support

Stream your HD camera, mixer or display (supports 720p or 1080p only) by connecting it to the Webcaster X2’s HDMI IN port. Connect a wired or wireless mic to your camera and get professional HDMI audio quality. Webcaster X2 encodes your high quality audio along with your video and streams it to your Facebook or YouTube audience.

Pro audio and video support

Wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Use Wi-Fi or Webcaster X2’s wired Ethernet connection to stream the way that works for you.

Wired Ethernet or WiFi

*Use of Webcaster X2 subject to the terms and conditions of the Epiphan license agreement
in addition to terms and conditions from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.


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