4K add on

Pearl-2 4K feature add-on

What you get

This Pearl-2 4K feature add-on gives you 4K encoding and streaming capabilities. In addition to all the Pearl-2 base functionality, with this add-on you can encode 4K content, stream a 4K program comprised of up to 2 4K inputs and 2 HD or IP camera inputs, use 4K output ports and optionally downscale 4K UHD to 1080p.

Here is a quick table comparison of the base Pearl-2 and with the 4K feature add-on.

Input portsOutput ports
Pearl-2 base8 × HD2 × HDMI
Pearl-2 with 4K feature add-on4 × 4K  +  4 × HD2 × HDMI 4K

This is a feature add-on for Pearl-2, the price is for the add-on only and does not include a Pearl-2.

Add 4K functionality to your Pearl-2

How it works

Pearl-2 feature add-ons can be purchased any time: either when you buy Pearl-2, or later.

Once you purchase your add-on, Pearl-2 uses a one-time web activation to give you the new add-on functionality. Step-by-step instructions for this process are found at www.epiphan.com/add-ons.