DVI2PCIe Duo tech specs

Interface:PCI Express 2.0; ×4
Video inputs:Connector(1) SDI (1) DVI-I (dual link) / HDMI™1 / VGA1 / Component2; the optional DVI2PCIe AV Kit provides an additional two TRS ¼” connectors, one S-Video connector, and one 3.5mm audio line-in connector
ResolutionsVESA modes: 320×240 to 2048×2048 (or 2560×1600); custom HDMI/VGA/DVI modes (HDMI up to 1920×1200)
VGA signalling3G-SDI; HD-SDI; SD-SDI; DVI dual link; HDMI; R, G, B plus separate HSync and VSync signals; R, G, B plus CSYNC signal; R, G, B with Sync-on-Green synchronization
Color resolutionRGB16 (5:6:5), RGB24 (8:8:8), RGB8 (2:3:3), grayscale-256, YUY2, UYVY, YV12
EDID supportEDIDs can be uploaded to the device
Audio input:ConnectorsSDI audio and HDMI audio
Update rate:ResolutionFrame rate
640×48085 fps
720×48085 fps
800×60085 fps
1024×76885 fps
1280×72085 fps
1280×102485 fps
1920×108060 fps
1920×120060 fps
2048×1536 (DVI)35 fps
2048×1536 (VGA)30 fps
2560×160030 fps
2048×204820 fps
OS support (32 and 64 bit):Windows 10 (x64)
DirectShow (Windows)
Hardware features:128 MB buffer RAM
Dimensions:Low-profile short card: 5.5″ × 2.53″ (140 mm × 64 mm)
Thermal considerations:DVI2PCIe Duo can operate at an internal temperature of up to 80 C (temperature found via the API)
Airflow considerations:The minimum required airflow for DVI2PCIe Duo (in typical PC environments) is 140 LFM ( 0.7 m/s )