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Epiphan Pearl integrates with Opencast CMS

March 14, 2024

epiphan opencast

Coming in June 2024, all Epiphan Pearl systems can be fully integrated with Opencast. This enables academic institutions who use Opencast as their video management system to leverage Pearl as a reliable, automated video capture hardware solution.

Key Features

Monitoring from Opencast Admin interface

  • Idle, offline, recording and ingesting, etc
    Scheduled recording

  • One time or recurring
  • Select channels to be recorded simultaneously
    Resilience to network failures

  • Records downloaded schedules while offline and uploads when connection is restored
    API for integration with in-room control systems to:

  • Monitor status and progress of event in progress
  • Monitor video and presence of audio for inputs
  • Start/stop and extend scheduled event
  • Pause/Resume recording in progress
    On-air light support
    In-room confidence monitor

  • Built-in screen and/or
  • HDMI connected monitor
    Cloud-based control portal for fleet management

  • Status and health of all devices
  • Monitor Opencast events across a fleet of devices
  • Proactive alerts and notifications of errors
  • Maintenance operations
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