Supercharge your sales with expert product knowledge and exclusive perks

Stand out as an expert of video production solutions and watch your revenue soar as an Epiphan Certified Dealer™.

Supercharge your sales with expert product knowledge and exclusive perks

Live streaming market

Don’t miss out on the high-growth, live streaming market

Learn everything you need to better serve customers regarding live video production in countless markets.

Find new customers

Expand your knowledge to serve entirely new customer bases including corporate, house of worship, education, live event production, government, and more.

Build end-to-end solutions

Learn from the pros on every aspect of a video production, from lighting to cameras to streaming.

Get certified

Get certified and reap the rewards

  • Gain a competitive service differentiation by demonstrating expertise that customers can trust
  • Access exclusive sales leads shared with Epiphan Certified Dealers
  • Stand out on our ‘Where to buy’ page with Certified Dealer recognition
  • Brand yourself as an Epiphan product expert with an Epiphan Certified Dealer badge in your promotional materials

What’s involved?

  • Sign up and complete the training

    Participate two virtual sessions (1.5 hours each) led by Epiphan’s production experts. That’s all it takes to get certified!

  • Certified

    Get results

    Use your new insight and status as an Epiphan Certified Dealer to offer end-to-end solutions for new and existing customers.

  • Review

    Review and renew

    Keep an eye out for new opportunities for Certified Dealers. Stay updated on new trends, product announcements, and industry knowledge.

Core training curriculum

Part 1: How to make money with Epiphan products and solutions

  • Quick Epiphan overview
  • Sales opportunities (markets)
  • Product and solution introduction
  • Epiphan Certified Dealer™ benefits

Part 2: Epiphan products workshop and solutions deep-dive

  • Epiphan Cloud and the Epiphan Ecosystem
  • Hands-on workshop with Epiphan Cloud, and Pearl systems
  • Solutions deep-dive: Video studios, Live events, Hybrid and remote productions, Video capture

Interested? Sign up for our core training sessions

Frequently asked questions

Right now, all training sessions will be completed online over Zoom. The core training modules consist of two 1.5 long training sessions.

It’s free.

One representative from each dealer must be certified. If that representative leaves the dealer business, someone else must get certified to replace them. While only one representative from each dealer must be certified, we encourage all dealer personnel to get certified. Not only is it free, it’ll better equip you to provide complete solutions in a competitive marketplace.

We will offer opportunities throughout the year to maintain your certification.

We recommend every dealer get certified in order to get all of the benefits associated with the Epiphan Certified Dealer program.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we’ve designed the training to be concise. The core training modules consist of two 1.5 long training sessions.

Any dealer who participates in the training sessions will get certified. There is no examination.