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Create your best video experiences with Microsoft Teams

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Elevate your content without sacrificing convenience

Engaging content features branded layouts, live switching, and beautiful graphics. Epiphan Connect™ lets you achieve all of this with Microsoft Teams, unlocking your capacity to create polished live and on-demand video experiences for everyone.

Epiphan Connect for Microsoft Teams

The easiest way to join a broadcast – from anywhere

Make joining your production as easy as any Teams call. The familiar environment used by over 280 million users will put guests at ease and let everyone focus on making great content from anywhere.


Unparalleled video quality from Teams

Epiphan Connect leverages the highest quality Teams video available, higher than a standard Teams call, up to 1080p. Because everything is happening in the cloud it’s far superior to any local application.

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Epiphan Connect

Cloud 2 cloud

Cloud 2 cloud = peace of mind

Unlike other hybrid workflows, Connect is entirely cloud based which means you don’t need to worry about local hardware or network issues affecting your connections.

Protecting you and your content

Partnering with Microsoft, Epiphan Connect uses an encrypted network to ensure all video content shared is completely private and always secure.

Let Teams do the heavy lifting

  • Acquire multiple video sources

    Acquire up to 9 Teams sources

    From Epiphan Connect, up to 9 different meeting participants can be acquired and sent to your production software.

  • mix isolated audio

    Mix with isolated audio feeds

    Enjoy total control over who the audience hears in your broadcast with Epiphan Connect, which can isolate participant audio into separate tracks.

  • screen share content

    Simplified, dummy-proof screen-sharing

    Content shared in a Teams call can also be acquired into your production through Connect. Better yet, its persistent to make on-the-fly content updates a breeze.

Supported by the most popular production tools

Pricing plans

$25 per month plus hourly usage fees. The first 15 minutes of every meeting are free.


Simultaneuous meetings
Parallel extractions per meeting
Up to 2
Up to 4
Up to 9
Persistent screenshare extraction
Primary view mode
Isolated audio

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