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How to Record Streaming VGA Video and Images from iPad

Frame grabbers and video recording appliances from Epiphan help you to quickly and easily capture and record high-resolution video from iOS devices such as iPad, iPad-mini and iPhone. These Epiphan solutions provide simple approach to iPad VGA, DVI, HDMI display capture.

A frame grabber solution (e.g. DVI2USB 3.0) performs the capture, and the capture computer performs encoding, recording, streaming, etc.

An integrated device solution, such as Lecture Recorder x2 , performs capture, encoding, recording and streaming – all in one device. When compared to the frame grabber approach, Lecture Recorder x2 also does not require a splitter, does not require a capture computer, does not require any software to be installed.

The diagrams below illustrate the various connection diagrams for capturing iPAD, iPhone and other iOS based VGA , DVI or HDMI display outputs.

iPad, iPhone, iOS – VGA Recording and Streaming - DVI2USB 3.0

record VGA from iPad with DVI2USB 3.0

An Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 Frame grabber based VGA iOS Recording solution requires:

iPad, iPhone, iOS – DVI or HDMI Recording and Streaming - DVI2USB 3.0

record DVI or HDMI from iPad with DVI2USB 3.0

An Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 Frame grabber based DVI or HDMI iOS Recording solution requires:

iPad, iPhone, iOS – VGA (interlaced) Recording and Streaming Solution using VGA2USB

record interlaced VGA from iPad with VGA2USB

An Epiphan Frame grabbers based VGA (only) iOS Recording solution requires:

Important Note: VGA2USB capture VGA only, and the video images are interlaced and will not have the same performance and quality compared to the DVI2USB 3.0 approach.

Integrated Streaming and Recording of iPad, iPhone and other iOS Devices

Lecture Recorder x2 is an integrated solution for recording VGA, DVI, HDMI out from iOS devices such as iPad, iPhones. Lecture Recorder x2 captures, encodes, records and streams the display from the iOS device. The device also has the ability to record an audio source and a camera source to create picture with picture demonstrations of iOS apps. Designed for presentation applications, Lecture Recorder also integrates a built in splitter with automatic conversion of VGA/DVI into both VGA, DVI and HDMI out.

record and stream from iPad with Lecture Recorder x2

Useful iPad, iPhone and iOS Display Recording and Streaming Tips

Detailed instructions on how to capture and record images using a frame grabber

This instruction explains how to capture and record images and streaming video from iPad. Whether you need to save any sequence of images or video you see on your iPad for media, app demonstrations and training, or gaming.

The Epiphan frame grabber device acquires the video stream and images from iPad and enables you to save it on a PC, MAC or Linux host computer. Effectively, the frame grabber +iOS devices looks like an external camera source to your computer.

To capture iOS video, you will need the following:

Note: You can use any of Epiphan's DVI or VGA frame grabber to perform the steps described below.

Step 1: Connection of devices

First, connect the iOS VGA or DVI/HDMI adapter to your iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device.
  • Then connect video signal to the video input of your frame grabber
  • Connect Frame Grabber to to your capture computer using the USB cable.
  • record from iPad

    Step 2: Download Necessary Software

    Download Epiphan software from our web site. ( )

    The example below continues for a Windows installation, to install the software for MAC or Linux based capture computers, please consult the product documentation.

    record video from iPad

    Click Open. Then double-click the setup.exe file from the archive. The Setup Wizard window displays.


    record video from iPad

    Click Next, select the installation folder and confirm the installation. The installation starts.


    record video from iPad


    Step 3: Start the Frame Grabber Application


    Ensure the frame grabber and iPad, iPhone or iOS device are powered up. Launch the application from Start - Programs - Epiphan Capture Tool.

    record from iPad

    From the Capture menu select Select Device… command to find a connected frame grabber for iOS capture.


    Step 4: Record Video from iPad

    From the Tools menu in the Epiphan Capture Tool application select Options. In the Recording tab set the Record as parameter to Video. Select codec. In this example, Epiphan recommends using ffvfw MPEG-4 codec for signal capture.

    record video from iPad

    Display an image or start streaming video from your iPad that you need to capture.

    Click the Record button, select the target folder for storing your recorded files. Then click Save. The recording will start. Click the Record button again to stop iPad recording. Now streaming video or images from your iPad have been recorded.

    record video from iPad

    Step 5: Optional Third Party Software

    If you would like to use 3rd party software to record and or stream, this applications can capture iOS video through the Epiphan provided interfaces to DirectShow (Windows), QuickTime (MAC) and Video4Linux (Linux )