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How to Install Frame Grabber Drivers on a Workstation Running Linux and View the Grabbed Video

If you are using a PC that is running Linux frame grabber drivers can be easily installed on it. The article explains how to perform this installation. In our example the frame grabber is VGA2USB.


Download drivers from the Epiphan Systems website

1.  Using Linux console create a folder where the driver will be saved.

Linux frame grabber

2.  Browse to the Epiphan’s website main product page and select the VGA2USB product page.

3.  Select the “Download” menu item.

4.  In the Linux section of the webpage click on List of precompiled drivers.

5. The system displays a list of available drivers for free download. Select a driver archive suitable for your Linux distribution and a type of kernel.

6.  Save the driver archive in the created folder.

Linux frame grabber

7.  Browse to this folder.

8.  Unzip the folder.

Linux frame grabber

9.  The system displays a list of extracted files.

install VGA2USB

10. Login as superuser (command: su).

11. Load the driver (command: make load).

VGA2USB to the VGA source


Setup the System and View Video

1.   Connect VGA2USB to the VGA source.

2.   Connect VGA2USB to your workstation.

3.   Adjust the permissions settings so that all users are allowed to read, write and execute files in the driver folder.

grab the VGA signal

4.   Make sure the VGA device is on and enter a command to start grabbing as shown below.  This command can be viewed in the readme file which is stored in the driver folder.

grab VGA signal

5.   VGA2USB is grabbing video. You can instantly view it in a player. 

frame grabber cards



If you are using a PC that is running Linux frame grabber cards can be easily connected to it. Having read this article you know how to perform the driver installation and grab the VGA signal.