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Tutorials. How to Establish VGA to Firewire Connection Using VGA2Ethernet

Firewire, also known as the IEEE 1394, i.Link, or Lynx interface, is one of the most widespread digital interfaces for high end audio/video equipment. When compared to USB, the Firewire interface is able to sustain higher transfer rates for a longer period of time, at speeds upwards of 280 Mbit/sec.

At the same time, Firewire gives way to Gigabit Ethernet as Gigabit Ethernet allows for up to 1024 Mbit/sec transfer rates and is a much more common interface, not to mention that it is the standard for modern LANs (Local Area Networks). Furthermore, Gigabit Ethernet allows the devices communicating to be at completely remote locations from each-other. For these reasons, a VGA Firewire frame grabber was never developed by any manufacturer.

VGA to Firewire

Epiphan’s VGA2Ethernet frame grabber solution:

Captures a VGA and DVI signals at extremely high resolutions and frame rates.

Lets you use your existing network infrastructure to connect a distant VGA source to the target computer.

Is designed specifically for precision industrial, military, and medical application.

Visit the product page to learn more and to purchase.

Chances are that if you are looking for a Firewire frame grabber, a network VGA capture device such as the VGA2Ethernet will fit your application ideally. VGA2Ethernet, capable of capturing DVI, VGA, and audio is a VGA to Firewire frame grabber designed specifically for high precision applications.

The connection diagrams below highlight the two modes that VGA2Ethernet can operate in - remote and local. In local mode, VGA2Ethernet is connected directly to the target computer (PC, Mac, or Linux machine) via the RJ45 connection port. In remote mode, this VGA to Firewire frame grabber is simply on the same physical LAN as the capture computer.




VGA to Firewire


VGA Firewire frame grabber