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  Access and Diagnose Remote Hardware using Epiphan VGA2USBEurotech Limited produces embedded single board computers, platforms and configurable systems for customers in transportation, communications, defence, security, and industrial engineering industries. With group companies and development operations around the world, Eurotech staff members working on the same project can be located thousands of miles apart. “One of our recent projects involved developing a Linux frame buffer...  Read more »»
  Automate Video Capture for Screencasting Using Epiphan VGA2USBAlthough lectures are usually given before a live audience, it is a popular and effective practice to record education content for on-demand viewing over the Internet. lecture management systems are used for configuring, managing and publishing captured lectures. It is possible to perform multiple post-production tasks such as lecture timeline editing, information posting and speaker assets, integration into other systems, and much more. Content can be more meaningful due to tagging,...  Read more »»
  Broadcasting Sporting Events with VGA2USB VGA2USB brings sport fans their favorite competitions keeping them up to date on major sport events. Sandy Symon, big powerlifting fan, shares his experience of capturing video while watching competitions. “Me and my friends were so eager to watch one of the biggest powerlifting events last fall. Unfortunately, I was the only one of all our gang who had an opportunity to present there....  Read more »»
  Capture Hardware Video and Images Using VGA2USBiSi Global is a renowned provider of live webcasting services.  The company specializes in providing requirements for professional capturing and broadcasting of video and audio stream over the Internet. iSi is one of the most experienced live webcasting companies in the world. It broadcasts events from radio, university classes, municipal council meetings, and corporate announcements. Video broadcasting brings great...  Read more »»
  Capture Images from Magnifying Device Using Epiphan VGA2USBImages that are processed in forensic science come from many sources. These are security video, crime scene photographs and fingerprint images. The use of evidence from surveillance video cameras is likely to increase greatly. Video surveillance images are typically of poor quality. The quality of the images is influenced by many uncontrollable factors. Some of the factors are associated with the surveillance system, such as the position of the camera, distance “camera...  Read more »»
  Capture Presentations and Transfer them to Multiple Lecture and Library Halls with VGA2USB Temple University is a famous provider of professional education in USA (medicine, law, pharmacy, architecture). This comprehensive public research university prepares the largest body of professional practitioners in Pennsylvania and is among the top universities in the nation with comprehensive nationally recognized research programs. Justin Y.Shi, professor  at Temple...  Read more »»
  Capture Slide Presentations from Multiple Platforms Andrew Shitov is a well-known evangelist of the Perl programming language and organizer of numerous Perl events in Russia. At his conferences, speakers bring their presentation slides on laptops, and Shitov needs to collect their slide presentations. "The speakers bring tens of different kinds of laptop models, and multiple operating systems," he says. This makes it difficult to collect, archive and replay the presentations for...  Read more »»
  Capture University Lectures with Epiphan VGA2USBThe University of California, Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) is a nationally ranked research university devoted to excellence in undergraduate teaching. Located near Silicon Valley, UC Santa Cruz embraces technology in the classroom – offering a number of lectures online as streaming video or podcasts. To record its lectures, UC Santa Cruz is using Epiphan’s VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Capture Video from Automated Machinery Testing with VGA2USBKorvis Automation Inc. designs and builds tools, instruments and other automatic equipment used in the life sciences, renewable energy, semiconductor and rapid prototyping industries. The company specializes in custom automation equipment design and contract manufacturing of complex systems. During development and trial runs of platforms and conveyors engineers perform video recording of the system modules and facilities. All this contributes...  Read more »»
  Capture Weather Images from Radar Using Epiphan VGA2USBI.C.Electronics manufactures weather equipment for the agriculture industry. Its products are predominately used by farmers to detect hailstorms and other strong weather. Using the weather radar, farmers are able to determine when to start up their anti-hail devices to avoid destruction of crops. I.C.Electronics uses the Epiphan VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Capture, Broadcast, Record Presentations and Conferences using Epiphan VGA2USBTri-Digital specializes in the capture of presentations conducted during in-person and virtual meetings and conferences which are available live online via webcast or on demand after the event.  It develops solutions that enable users to record presentations. Moreover, Tri-Digital’s presentation solution has been used in conferences...  Read more »»
  Capturing Ultrasound Images at Diagnostic Center A large American health center in New Orleans specializes in delivering diagnostic ultrasound services. It carries out thousands of scans and ultrasound imaging services are hugely beneficial to patients. The center provides renal, pelvic and abdominal ultrasound examinations, aortic aneurism screening as well as pregnancy scans. For a variety of ultrasound examinations it uses diagnostic imaging equipment by GE Healthcare. Its fully-featured ultrasound solutions are...  Read more »»
  Create a Podcast using VGA2USB as a Video SourceThere’s a lot of material that you are interested in and it is not available on TV. You are going to shoot some footage with a camera and edit it with one of the popular tools which are familiar to you. It can be a documentary, a reality show, an interview, or maybe a short film. Hosting of your TV programs is so easy when you have on-hand all necessary equipment – hardware, software and a computer – even on a shoe-string budget. You have the freedom to be creative...  Read more »»
  Create High-Quality Videos with BoinxTV and Epiphan VGA2USBBoinx Software products enable Macintosh computer users to create professional “TV-style” recordings of video podcasts, events, lectures and seminars using the BoinxTV “television studio in a box.” Users can quickly create videos with high production quality. Many Mac users turned to BoinxTV to record lectures and seminars,...  Read more »»
  Create Training Materials for Medical Devices with Epiphan VGA2USBMAQUET Gmbh & Co. develops medical products, therapies and services for operating rooms, intensive care units and surgical workplaces. The company uses the Epiphan VGAUSB frame grabber to capture high-quality screen captures from its medical devices. “We are using the Epiphan solution...  Read more »»
  Develop Remote Support Service for Radiation Machines Using Epiphan VGA2USBRadim Cernej is developing products and services for the radiation-oncology (a.k.a. radiotherapy) market. To provide remote read-only support for radiation therapy machines, he is using Epiphan VGA2USB frame grabbers. "These are $1M to $3M machines," he explains, "and the main console runs DOS or a real-time OS." While he acknowledges remote support technologies such as VNC for UNIX, "they are not...  Read more »»
  Digitize and Grab HD Video Using VGA2USB and DVI2USBLeteng AS is a reputable Norwegian reseller of high quality AV products. They specialize mainly in A/V products for A/V dealers: signal distribution, switchers, splitters, digital signage and cables. Furthermore, Leteng has a long history distributing IT Cables, KVM and networking for IT Dealers. Leteng chose Epiphan Systems products as the sole solution for everything involving grabbing and digitizing HD video....  Read more »»
  Document Engineering Procedures with Epiphan VGA2USBL-3 Communications specializes in aircraft modernization and maintenance and provides a number homeland defence products and services for emerging markets. To document its electronic systems procedures, the company is using Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber. Using...  Read more »»
  Enhance Webcasting Products Using Epiphan VGA2USB A broad range of events can be broadcast across the Internet using streaming technology. These are corporate meetings, specialty events, presentations and webinars. Broadcasts from forums, tradeshows, and seminars have become very popular. There is a plenty of advantages of using webcasts. First of all we should mention increased attendance as it seems to be one of the best benefits of webcasting. People who cannot travel and attend programs or seminars that you arranged can...  Read more »»
  ePresence Webcasting SolutionePresence is the world's first open source rich media webcasting solution, developed at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The system streams presentations in multiple media formats  including Flash, Windows Media, Real Media and QT/MP4, so that publishers of multi-media content don't have to worry about the end user's operating system(s), available bandwidth, or browser choice. ePresence...  Read more »»
  Expand Mobile Computing Service Capabilities with Epiphan VGA2USBC1 Consulting provides hardware and engineering services focused on mobile computing solutions. This work involves the use of a wide range of mobile devices, from pocket PC-based handhelds to enterprise-level applications, as well as rugged commercial devices and heads-up display systems used in military environments. C1 uses and resells the Epiphan VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Grab, Transfer and Archive X-ray Images Using VGA2USBMorse Medical is one of the largest companies devoted to clinical technology maintenance and management. Morse Medical manages clinical engineering departments of hospitals across the region. The company provides expertise and valuable knowledge in evaluating new technologies. It is a recognized leader in the field of clinical engineering and patient safety related to medical devices. X-ray imaging equipment...  Read more »»
  Improve Speed and Quality of Technical Documentation with Epiphan VGA2USBAt Electronic Design and Manufacturing, William Hudson is responsible for the production of technical documentation about the design process the company uses for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and computer hardware. To print the output of software from the engineering computer hardware, Hudson uses Epiphan's  Read more »»
  Improve Technical Documentation using Epiphan VGA2USBAs a documentation writer at ARAM Systems, Jeff Sheremeta knows that sometimes, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Including screen captures in the technical documentation materials that he writes is important to producing a useful and complete final product. Sheremeta works at a company that designs hardware and software systems that include various interface cards requiring specific setup procedures....  Read more »»
  Improving Surgical Outcomes with Epiphan VGA2USBInnerOptic Technology Inc. develops real-time visualization systems for use in minimally-invasive surgical procedures. The company commercializes medical visualization technology developed at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and it recently incorporated Epiphan’s VGA2USB frame grabber into its InVision System.  “Our...  Read more »»
  Managing a Visual ImpairmentAs a faculty member at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, Jan Ramon often needs to participate in lectures and conferences where presentations are projected. However, a visual impairment makes it necessary for him to view the presentation content on his own laptop screen rather than on a distant projection screen. Ramon uses Epiphan's VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Multiple Applications of Epiphan’s Imaging Equipment in Education ProcessesEducation programs in the digital age are extremely effective, innovative and immediately relevant. They allow learners to experience expanded abilities, gain direct access to technology and make possible what seemed impossible before. The use of advanced teaching techniques provides everyone with diverse content making high-tech conditions a principal part of teaching. The information is shared verbally as well as visually through representations such as three dimensional models,...  Read more »»
  Offer Leading-Edge Webinar Solutions Using Epiphan VGA2USBUbicast offers plug-and-broadcast video production systems for corporate establishments, teaching institutions and music-related locations. Ubicast technology allows users to cost-effectively create live or video-on-demand content for Internet WebTV channels, using its semi- or fully automated appliances. Ubicast's Linux-based appliance integrates standards-compliant capture and encoding products, including...  Read more »»
  Presentation Broadcasting SolutionPresentations 2Go provides effortless recording, storage, and public distribution of lectures, online training, press conferences, product presentations, conferences, congresses and other events or meetings. The product links video imagery of the speaker to the presentation slides and enables the  whole thing to be broadcast live and stored online for re-use. Can-iT...  Read more »»
  Provide Physician Oversight to Remotely Located PatientsJack Butler, a Surgical Imagineer, works in the Department of Surgery at Henry Ford Health System, and was part of the medical team for the US Olympic Team as it prepared for the Olympic Games in Torino. While the Olympic team has medical staff who travel with it, it is not feasible for multiple physician specialists to travel with the team. Butler and his colleagues used Epiphan's  Read more »»
  Record and Publish Podcasts Using Epiphan VGA2USB Frame GrabberWebcastor, a company based in France, specializes in providing webcasting solutions to professionals and universities. Webcastor has integrated Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabber to its rich media recording tool, INWICAST Publisher, a user friendly and all-in-one tool for recording all kinds of podcasts by simply using a microphone, a camera...  Read more »»
  Record Part Tests Directly to Network Using Epiphan VGA2USBGKN Aerospace is a First Tier supplier to the global aviation industry, working on every major fixed and rotary-wing aerospace platform. As is the case in many industries, GKN's product testers record their tests using analogue data capture. Paul Keating, Production Engineer, Ice Protection Systems at GKN, explains that the company wished to move away from that method and instead...  Read more »»
  Replay Radar Images and Synchronize with Radio Transmissions Using Epiphan VGA2USBNATS provides air traffic control services to aircraft flying in UK airspace, and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic. As a world leader in air traffic management, NATS proactively investigates all air traffic service related incidents with the goal of preventing future occurrences. As part of this work, NATS relies on radars. The organization uses Epiphan's VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Several Reasons to Choose a VGA2USB Frame GrabberVGA together with its supersets and extensions forms the basis of most video cards used in PCs. Many video cards support color modes and resolutions which are far beyond what VGA really is, but, for compatibility, they also support the original VGA modes. The VGA output is used in a wide range of devices applied in various spheres of human activity – science, medicine, education, engineering, etc. It  is important for the most users dealing with this equipment to capture...  Read more »»
  Share Technical Demos Online Using Epiphan VGA2USBNicolas de Loof helps to organize a Java User Group (JUG), BreizhJug, whose members meet monthly for technical conferences. The group publishes the sessions online for broader and archival access by its members. But, Nicolas notes that using a camcorder to capture both the speaker and the presentation slides resulted in virtually illegible presentation slides in the recorded...  Read more »»
  Simplify Development and Speed Time-to-Market with Epiphan ProductsDIMESO is  a worldwide distributor of products for the digital media market. The company has specialized in framegrabbers since 1996, providing for solutions for medical applications, traffic control, surveillance/monitoring, telecommunications and documentation. DIMESO carries the entire Epiphan product line of...  Read more »»
  Survey Weather Conditions at Antarctic Port-of-Call Using Epiphan VGA2USBANTARSAT supplies Antarctic stations with transmission and navigation facilities, as well as maintaining the operation of that equipment at base stations in the Arctic and Antarctic. Each year, ANTARSAT sends one or two of its engineers to the Antarctic — a trip which begins in the air and ends on a ship. The ship is unloaded by helicopter, and unloading must be completed immediately no matter what the time...  Read more »»
  Testing Submarine Electronics with Epiphan VGA2USBSAES of Spain specializes in submarine electronics and acoustics. The company is using Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabber to test the user interfaces of its acoustics processing electronics and mine hunting/sweeping devices. Using VGA2USB, SAES is able to grab frames from its...  Read more »»
  Training Users to use Ventilators with Epiphan VGA2USBCardinal Health is an $87 billion global manufacturer and distributor of medical and surgical supplies and technologies, such as ventilators. To provide user training, the company uses the Epiphan VGA2USB frame grabber device. Thomas George, RRT—the Clinical Education Manager for Respiratory...  Read more »»
  Troubleshooting Recycling Machinery with Epiphan's VGA2USB Test setup in training room of TiTech GmbH in Germany TiTech is a leader in automated waste sorting. Its products sort through waste and identify materials that can be recovered or recycled. "We purchased a number of Epiphan's VGA2USB frame grabbers to help our service engineers troubleshoot problems on-site at customer locations," explains Stefan...  Read more »»
  Usability Testing using VGA2USBWhen a monitor needs to be recorded in a fixed or mobile usability lab environment, a solution that is compact and powerful, yet easy to implement is required. Furthermore, usability testing usually involves capturing the outputs of several monitors and synchronizing them for playback. A usability lab device consists of a workstation that records the output from all audio/video capture devices that are connected to it and synchronizes them into a single or several files which...  Read more »»
  Use of VGA2USB in Web-based Streaming TechnologiesWeyond provides tools, technology and services for hosting interactive online workshops, classrooms and conferences. The company helps conference organizers and education service providers take their content global using its web-based streaming. Weyond broadcasts conferences using its streaming platform. Support of multiple cameras and high quality video capture of slides allows creating a powerful broadcasting system. Rajnish Kumar is an...  Read more »»
  Use VGA2USB alongside Norton Ghost to Install BackupsWhen Soon Keng Ng of QuadTech Automated Printing Press wanted to use Norton Ghost to run backups of corporate servers, he ran into the problem of needing to carry a monitor around with him in order to access each server individually and looking for space and a power source in order to install the monitor. Using the VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Use VGA2USB to Record Navigation Data from ECDISModern marine electronics solutions utilize the latest breakthroughs in advanced technology. An ECDIS computer-based navigation system is broadly applied on multiple vessels. According to International Maritime Organization agreement carriage of ECDIS is mandatory on deep sea vessels. ECDIS stands for Electronic Chart Display and Information System. It is far more than an electronic navigational chart (ENC) with positional and other navigation-related information. This...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB - Software Testing Tool and Possible IntegrationXENGDA Technology Co., Ltd is a provider of multi-screen and grid screen application hardware and software. Since its foundation in 2006 the company produces solutions applied in e-education, presentation and exhibition fields. Its products range include Mimic Builder – software tool for rapid e-learning, hardware solutions for applications displaying multiple signals, Multi-Video Presentation System that displays...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Helps Ophthalmologists to Grab Images from Diagnostic EquipmentIsmankulov Ophthalmology Clinic is the leading vision correction center in Central Asia. It offers comprehensive services in medical and surgical eye care along with vision care. The clinic staff is dedicated to bringing patients the highest quality health care in a friendly, comfortable environment. VGA2USB is used in the Clinic in integration with ophthalmic equipment. Almazbek Ismankulov, head of the Clinic, says: “One of the effective...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB is Integrated into an Explosive Detection SystemThe detection of explosives for the purposes of facilities' security is an important area for preventing terrorism. Many various methods of explosive detection developed in the past help people to detect such material no matter whether it is a very small or a very large quantity. The technology discussed below allows for detecting dangerous substances and needs high-quality image transfer for the analysis of data and images generated from security equipment. MSA Security is an...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB is Used to Prepare Training and Educational Materials in Ophthalmology Clinic Ismankulov Ophthalmology Clinic is the leading vision correction center in Central Asia. It provides the best and most up-to-date diagnostic studies and treatments in the field of ophthalmology. Ophthalmology is one of the few branches in medicine where new advancements and developments occur at a very rapid pace. Every year new techniques and modern machines appear. In Ismankulov Ophthalmology Clinic Epiphan’s VGA2USB is applied for...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Records Operations in the Japanese Clinic for Effective Surgery Training Healthcare professionals worldwide are very creative with the approaches that empower them to improve the effectiveness of their work. Epiphan’s frame grabbers universally known for their multiple applications in medicine are an effective and viable way to provide such improvement. Please read further to know more about using VGA2USB in a clinic to improve surgery skills. Click here for more information on VGA2USB  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Usage in Biometric Identification Today financial losses increase dramatically from identity theft and computer hacking. Therefore specialists involved in e-security critically need to find secure, accurate, and cost-effective alternatives to PINs and passwords. Since individual's biometric data is unique and cannot be transferred, solutions based on this idea address fundamental problems. It is possible to identify a person based on a behavioral characteristic including iris recognition, finger images, and...  Read more »»
  Weather Radar ImagingRadars are broadly used in meteorology for several main purposes. Weather radars perform wind measurement in the upper atmosphere and determine location and intensity of the precipitation. Radar imaging equipment detects hail storms and allows for tracking hurricanes and cyclones. It is almost impossible to imagine the state-of-the-art weather prediction and surveillance tools used solely to accumulate and display information. Frame...  Read more »»