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VGA2USB Pro and DVI2USB Duo are Epiphan's most advanced exernal USB frame grabbers. VGA2USB Pro can capture any VGA signal with a resolution of up to 2048x2048. DVI2USB Duo can capture any DVI signal, single and dual link, with a resolution of up to 2048×2048. Both VGA2USB and DVI2USB achieve 100% lossless capture at frame rates of up to 60 frames per second, and are designed for applications that require high precision.

  Use DVI2USB Duo to Capture and Transmit Images from DVI Surveillance Cameras Nowadays video surveillance equipment is getting more and more sophisticated and replacing traditional complicated systems. It allows you to save time and money by eliminating the need to hire security guards and brings users peace of mind, when it concerns their home, or business. By installing remote video surveillance equipment, it is possible to view what’s going on there from any location. DVI2USB...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB Pro as Remote Security Monitoring Solution Today’s security requirements are becoming more and more stringent for everyone. As threats become more sophisticated, users need advanced security solutions. New generation of security technologies is designed to provide businesses with a flexible secure monitoring system. Epiphan’s VGA2USB Pro is a frame grabber that helps you to check in what is going on in any place where...  Read more »»