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The main goal for any dynamic business is to adhere to time-saving strategies that ultimately create value and/or save money. Videoconferencing is one of the most innovative tools available in the modern fast-paced market that allows accomplishing both goals. It gives any business the edge of effective communication and collaboration with multiple selected business associates and clients simultaneously. The basic areas of video conferencing application, apart from internal business communications are medical sectors, legal sectors, and education, especially broadcasting training. So where to start?

Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions

VideoconferencingOne may say that organizing a video conference is as simple as ABC. You would need a computer, Skype(tm) and a web cam. Get a microphone that will carry your voice and speakers to listen to the other person. A broadband Internet connection is also required as video conferencing is usually bandwidth intensive. And here you go. However actually this will be just a prototype of video conferencing. It is not suitable for situations where different features, or a better quality solution is required. You will have to examine studio or meeting room based video conferencing solutions with higher prices and complexity. This equipment and services are provided by the leading suppliers - Polycom, Tandberg, Sony, LifeSize, Codian. The video conference communication infrastructure required then integrates cutting edge technologies that deliver higher quality, but with more complexity and costs to roll out and maintaning. Very often costly video conferencing hardware is not affordable for some reasons or does not quite do the right thing for the budget available.

The following How To and Case Studies describe how Epiphan products can help improve your video conferencing and collaboration infrastructure

Case Study : How to Stream Audio Video Conferences stream multiple display video conference How to Stream an Audio Video Conference Single Display-Single Stream or Multi-Display-Multi Stream
  • Stream the audio display out from video conference system for single screen views to a URL
  • For multi display video conference systems, stream each of the displays to a specific URL, or create an all in one view that is streamed to a URL
How to add a video conference to audio conference facilities
How to transform a phone call,  audio conference bridge or Skype voice call into a Video Conference
How to Stream a Video Source Using Skype
How to inject an external video source such as iPad or Medical Equipment Display into a Skype Video Conference
VGADVI Recorder - Recording Video Conference  System Output
VGA Grid Recording Multi Display Video Conference System
How to Record a single display video conference or a multi display video conference

Digital Broadcasting Equipment

You can benefit from video conferencing in case you use broadcasting equipment capable of capturing video/audio signal and broadcasting it to an Internet. A camera is connected to a broadcaster through its signal output. A microphone is also plugged in the broadcaster’s audio port. Then your partner opens its web browser, you both connect to an Internet and start communication. Broadcaster accurately transfers video and audio stream ensuring secure and low-cost communication. VGADVI Broadcaster by Epiphan Systems may serve for these purposes and is compatible with any operating system. The communication process may be less smooth than when you are using costly standalone systems but evidently this broadcasting solution is a real value for money. It makes available for an end-user multiple advantages provided by traditional video conferencing equipment.

VGADVI Broadcaster

Video Conferencing Advantages

This type of communication eliminates geographical restrictions and businesses can improve their operations instantly. Users can hold either well planned or spontaneous meetings with selected participants – there will be no problems with time-consuming logistics of accommodations and travel. It is possible to approach the actual demands of a growing marketplace with several mouse clicks. Business partners can coordinate, share and evaluate audio or digital presentations from the other side of the world. Video conferencing hardware provides noticeable money saving through reducing the need to travel to a special conference site. And what is principal - management, contractors, employees, and clients can conduct simultaneous collaboration on time sensitive projects.

Video conferencingSimple and Reliable Solution

When you plan to acquire video conferencing equipment, you should get the most suitable solution. The money you spend on those services must give you the best value. You can ask people directly or browse through the ratings and reviews. You can tap into the experience of others in multiple ways and this will help you to find a video conferencing system that really fits your needs. And you can think about VGADVI Broadcaster. A simple and cost-effective digital broadcast system really helps to share content in high definition and creates new opportunities to streamline and accelerate business processes. Among plenty of systems you are sure that you are actually getting the right one.

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Solution de visioconférence à cout réduit
Бюджетное оборудование для проведения видеоконференций
Solución rentable para conferencias de video

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