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VGA Printer

One-Touch Specialized Video Source Printing Solution

Unique one-touch specialized video source printing solution that can print a VGA display or DVI or HDMI video display signal output to a standard postscript printer with the push of a button.

VGA Printer Features
  • Print directly from a VGA, DVI or HDMI video display source
  • No software required, stand-alone or network service solution
  • Add timestamps, annotations to images before printing (e.g. BATES # for legal, patient data for medical)
  • Replace proprietary custom or dedicated printers with off the shelf printers
  • One-Touch print can be activated by:
    • Push Button on device's face plate,
    • HTTP Command,
    • Web user interface or,
    • RS-232 command unit accessory
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VGA Printer Connection Diagram

Designed primarily for PostScript-compatible printers, VGA Printer™ makes it possible to easily and cost-effectively capture and print images from medical equipment, microscopes, electronics equipment, meeting room document cameras, courtroom displays, cameras, televisions, smart phones with DVI/VGA output and other specialized imaging products that have VGA or DVI output.

VGA Printeris invaluable in the preparation of specialized documentation, training materials, presentation materials, depositions, pleadings, electronic data discovery, evidence production, due diligence files, and more. VGA Printer also simplifies billing by easily providing printed evidence of a procedure for billing purposes.

This Video capture printer hardware appliance enhances any application that requires hardcopy recording of VGA or DVI images that are otherwise difficult to capture.

Courtroom Evidence Printing

Epiphan's VGA Printer product can be used in court­room and deposition applications where exhibits can be shown on a courtroom display to the witness, deponent, judge or jury, then printed at the touch of a button and entered into evidence. VGA Printer can also be connected to a document camera with a DVI or VGA output, where the evidence captured by the document camera can printed and processed ac­cor­ding to local court rules.

Epiphan VGA Printer Courtroom evidence printing

Printing Ultrasound in Colour

Epiphan's VGA Printer can provide a number of im­por­tant features to ultrasound professionals. VGA Printer is con­nec­ted to the output of an ultrasound with a DVI or VGA or HDMI output. Instead of using expensive thermal black and white ultrasound prin­ter solutions, at the push of a button, the image currently displayed can be printed to a standard post­script printer - in color - without modifying any software or hardware on existing equipment.

Epiphan VGA Printer colour ultrasound printing

Technical Specifications

Printer Interface Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbit
USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
Dimensions 7.95"×4.13"×1.38", 202 mm×105 mm×35 mm
Connectors Two DVI video connectors
Two USB connectors
Two Ethernet RJ-45 connectors
One RS-232 connector
One 5V DC power supply connector or Power-Over-Ethernet
VGA R,G,B plus separate HSYNC and VSYNC signals;
R,G,B plus CSYNC signal;
R,G,B with Sync-On-Green synchronization.
VGA Modes HSYNC rate is between 15KHz and 150KHz
Pixel rate is between 12MPixel/s and 270 MPixel/s for non-interlaced grab
Pixel rate is between 270 MPixel/s and 532MPixel/s for two consequent frame interlaced grab.
Supported Printer Languages Postscript is highly recommended
Limited support for PCL, HPIJS and others.
Contact Epiphan for up-to-date printer support list
External Control -
One Touch Print
Network control (HTTP), RS-232 interface, Button on front panel
Maximum Resolution 1920×1200 (DVI), 1920×1080 (VGA)
Additional Hardware Feature Active DVI/VGA Splitter/Converter
Country of Origin Made in North America (Canada)

What's in the Box?

  • One USB to RS232 Serial Adapter
  • One DVI Cable
  • One VGA to DVI Cable
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • One Power over Ethernet injector