Video streaming for government

Looking to live stream a city council session, legislative assembly, or other government meeting? Physical distancing measures and the wide range of AV gear out there can make this a challenge. In this webinar, get the insight you need to set up a government live stream that looks and sounds great.

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Deliver high-quality live streams to all your constituents

Choose your setup

Choose your setup

Video streaming setups range from just the essentials to a professional, multi-camera production. We walk through each tier to give you a picture of what’s possible.

Connect sources

Get clear on the gear

What kind of camera should you use? How fast of an Internet connection does your government building need to live stream? We have answers.

Stream anywhere

Discover the power of Pearl

Pearl all-in-one video production systems simplify live video production. Learn about the Pearl family and how a hardware encoder fits into your government live streaming setup.