Advanced remote video production with SRT

Need to produce professional-level video from a distance? Happily, it’s entirely possible with modern video streaming technology. Discover the tools and technology required to produce top-tier video content off premises, including Haivision’s Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for high-quality, low-latency streaming over virtually any network.

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Learn the secrets to producing professional-quality video remotely

Connect sources

Understand advanced video production equipment

Find out what it takes to generate pro-quality video content in a remote setting. We cover encoders, cameras, microphones, and other key pieces of kit.


Get an SRT crash course

The SRT protocol is relatively new to the video streaming world. With the help of our AV experts, get to grips with this exciting step forward for remote production so you can add it to your toolbox.

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Discover the power of Pearl

Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini are all-in-one video production systems that many companies use to produce high-quality video remotely. Learn about the Pearl family and how a hardware encoder fits into your remote work setup.