NDI applications for live video production

NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) and NDI HX standards have seen a lot of play in the AV world. So what can NDI do for your live video productions? We go over NDI requirements, the various applications NDI makes possible, and how you can leverage NDI with a Pearl-2 all-in-one video production system.

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Discover what’s possible with the NDI standard

Connect sources

Learn what NDI can add to your AV system

An NDI-enabled AV system can access multiple cameras, computer software, mobile devices, and more – all through a single LAN port. We’ll discuss the kinds of applications this makes possible.


Understand what makes NDI different

What sets NDI apart from other leading protocols like SRT, HLS, DASH, and RTMP? Get the full breakdown to determine if an NDI implementation is the way forward for your organization.

Choose your setup

Find out how you can take advantage

NDI is a powerful protocol. So how do you bring it into your organization’s AV setup? Our hosts will show you with a look at how NDI support works on our Pearl-2 hardware encoder.