High-quality, low-bandwidth live streaming with H.265/HEVC

With only so much upload bandwidth to work with, it can feel like high-quality live streaming is out of reach. Enter High-Efficiency Video Coding, also known as HEVC or H.265. Tune in for a crash course on this powerful video compression standard and discover how you can cut the compromise between quality and bandwidth.

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  • H.265

    Understand the power of H.265/HEVC

    What’s H.265? How does it work, and how’s it different from other video compression standards like H.264/AVC? Our expert host will give you a complete understanding.

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    Learn how to leverage H.265

    Using H.265 to reduce the bandwidth needed for streaming isn’t exactly straightforward. We’ll give you a clear idea of what’s required, from HEVC-capable gear to content delivery networks (CDNs) that support it.

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    Discover Pearl Nano

    Epiphan Pearl Nano packs a ton of power into a compact form factor – including H.265 encoding and 4K streaming and recording. Get primed on Pearl Nano and all it can do for your productions.

Your expert hosts

Our expert host will talk you through H.265/HEVC and how it can benefit your live streaming.

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