Hybrid event production: Three steps to success

There are a lot of ways to produce hybrid events, which blend in-person and virtual elements. Skip the trial and error by learning our three steps to a successful hybrid event. Our expert hosts will walk you through the process of planning your event, ensuring you have hybrid-capable hardware, and choosing a production setup that fits your goals.

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Hybrid event production

What you’ll learn

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    Get clear on hybrid

    “Hybrid” means different things to different people. Producing a successful hybrid event starts with understanding what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll walk you through all the key considerations.

  • Information technology

    Discover hybrid-ready hardware

    Hybrid events require different capabilities than regular or fully virtual event production. Find out what features you’ll need and what’s possible with Epiphan Pearl video production systems.

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    Choose your setup

    Like any live production, hybrid events can vary in complexity. We’ll present multiple different setups – from simple to advanced – that you can match to your production goals.

Your expert hosts

Our expert hosts will walk you through the three steps to hybrid production success and answer your questions live.

  • George Herbert profile pic
    George Herbert

    George Herbert is Epiphan's technical support manager and training guru. He provides custom demos of Epiphan's solutions using our local streaming studio and often mans our booth at trade shows.

  • Cameron Rhodes profile pic
    Cameron Rhodes

    Cameron’s AV expertise covers the full range of video production activities, from concept development and filming to post-production and distribution. At Epiphan, Cameron coordinates, produces, and hosts a variety of live and recorded video content and is the key architect of our remote live production workflows.

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