How to multistream: Boost your live stream’s reach

Why choose just one live streaming platform when you can stream to multiple destinations? Multistreaming greatly expands the pool of potential viewers and lets you reach your existing audience on their preferred platform. Learn the different setups for multistreaming and how to multistream with a Pearl-2 or Pearl Mini all-in-one video production system.

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Discover how to reach more people with your live streams


Learn multiple ways to multistream

Streaming software, purpose-built video streaming hardware, cloud-based multistreaming – our hosts cover them all.


Determine the best multistream method for you

The different ways to multistream each come with their own pros and cons. Learn what these are to help you decide what multistream setup makes the most sense for you.

Choose your setup

See Pearl in action

A Pearl-2 or Pearl Mini hardware encoder lets you stream to YouTube, Facebook Live, or any other CDNs simultaneously. We show exactly how multistreaming works on a Pearl system.