Hardware encoding vs. software encoding in education

Which is right for your college or university for lecture capture and other video applications: hardware encoding or software encoding? In this webinar, we go over the pros and cons of each and discuss the optimal AV setup when using video platforms like Panopto and Kaltura.

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Take your lecture capture and video encoding savvy to the next level

Choose your setup

Gear and setup

Get the facts on which video equipment you’ll need. We’ll go over basic and advanced gear setups for lecture capture and video encoding.

CMS and LMS systems

Main differences and key features

Gain a better understanding of the main differences between hardware and software video encoding. We’ll dive deep, covering aspects like technical requirements and encoder compatibility with LMS and CMS.


Making the right choice

Get answers to your questions: What is the best solution for me? How do I choose between encoding hardware and software? Which caveats to look out for? Join us for a line-by-line comparison and clear “bottom lines”.