Epiphan Cloud live demo: Multi-device management made easy

Managing multiple devices can be a real time-sink, but you’re in luck if you own Epiphan hardware. Epiphan Cloud is a cloud-based portal that centralizes the configuration and management of Epiphan Pearl and LiveScrypt systems. In this webinar, we’ll take you through Epiphan Cloud’s intuitive UI and go over all the features that make multi-device management simple.

  • 37 minutes

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Epiphan Cloud: Your command center for everything Epiphan

What you'll learn

  • At-a-glance monitoring

    Get accustomed with Epiphan Cloud’s sleek and comprehensive dashboard. The dashboard displays key information on all your registered devices, taking the legwork out of multi-device management.

  • Remote access and control

    Epiphan Cloud lets you and your team access and control Pearl and LiveScrypt systems from anywhere in the world. We’ll go over the tools and features that can make your job a whole lot easier.

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    Powerful troubleshooting and management tools

    Learn what Epiphan Cloud’s monitoring and alerting system can do, and discover time-saving tools like multi-device firmware upgrading.

Your expert hosts

Our expert hosts will take you on an in-depth tour of this exciting new solution and answer your questions live.

  • George Herbert profile pic
    George Herbert

    George Herbert is Epiphan's technical support manager and training guru. He provides custom demos of Epiphan's solutions using our local streaming studio and often mans our booth at trade shows.

  • George Birchall profile pic
    George Birchall

    As Epiphan's Manager of Creative Services, George ensures all our products and marketing materials have consistent messages, branding and great design.

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