Upgrade your events: Maximize impact with Zoom and Epiphan

Bring a virtual audience into your in-person events without the stress of complicated technology, and get live, authentic engagement between remote and in-room participants.

  • Simplify the remote guest experience
  • Deliver seamless virtual/in-person interactivity
  • See the Easy Mode demo of Epiphan and Zoom event workflow
  • 1 hour

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Learn from Zoom experts and live producers

  • remote guest

    Simplify the remote guest experience

    Learn how to effortlessly add remote guests to your live event

  • in person to remote guest interactions

    Deliver seamless virtual/in-person interactivity

    Create genuine connection between your in-person and virtual audience

  • zoom and epiphan

    See the Easy Mode demo of Epiphan and Zoom event workflow

    Discover the easiest way to turn your Zoom event into an impressive production

Your expert hosts

Our expert host will take you on an in-depth tour of this exciting new system and answer your questions live.

  • Aleksejs Kolpakovs - VP of Commerce, Catchbox

    By emphasizing the importance of exceptional audio in gatherings, Aleksejs supports universities, corporations, and events that seek to enhance productivity and human presence through intuitive pro audio solutions that are specifically designed for crisp audio capture in medium to large spaces.

  • Dan Wallace profile pic
    Dan Wallace

    Dan Wallace is Epiphan's Director of Marketing and Video Innovation. He brings over 15 years experience as a creative professional specializing in video and production workflows.

  • Nic Milani - Video innovation specialist, Epiphan Video

    An insightful and visionary leader, Nic brings a track record of transformative leadership in a variety of industries, and a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges in workplace technology development.

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