Build the ultimate on-premises video studio for your business

From video ads and product demos to webinars and employee training content, the uses for an on-site video studio are endless. But what’s the best way to set up a dedicated video production space for your business? Our expert hosts will take you through all the key considerations, leaving you with a blueprint for the ultimate corporate video studio.

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Build the ultimate on-premise video studio for your business

What you’ll learn

  • Epiphan works with your existing AV hardware

    Understand video production fundamentals

    Get a crash course on cameras, audio, lighting, encoders, and other essential elements of video production, giving you the knowledge you need to move forward with your studio.

  • Epiphan Pearl's simplistic UI for production

    Learn key production workflows

    Building your video studio is one thing. Operating it efficiently is another. We’ll walk you through some workflows and best practices that will help you make the most of your new space.

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    Discover Pearl systems

    A Pearl video production system makes an ideal centerpiece for numerous applications, including on-site studios. Discover all the features that make Pearl the perfect choice for your own.

Your expert hosts

Our expert hosts will cover everything you need to know to build your business the ultimate video production space.

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    George Birchall

    With over a decade of experience in the video technology space, George has extensive insight into both the highs and lows of live content creation. His role at Epiphan involves leveraging this expertise to create impactful video experiences, guiding the company's marketing strategies and activities.

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