Build the ultimate lecture capture studio

A dedicated space where faculty can record lectures, flipped classroom videos, and other educational video content offers big advantages for colleges and universities. But when it comes to building one, where do you even start? We’ll go over the must-haves for any at-home or on-campus video studio to help you build a space that meets your school’s video production needs.

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Unlock video production efficiency for your college or university

Choose your setup

Select the best gear for your school’s studio

Choose the right cameras, audio equipment, encoders, and other gear for the job – whether that’s lecture capture, flipped classroom or blended learning content, or streaming classrooms to remote students.

Choose your tools

Learn how to build your studio space

Pick the best space for your lecture capture studio with knowledge of common issues like external noise and room echo. Plus, understand how all your video production equipment fits together.


Discover efficient video production workflows

A practical lecture capture studio setup, our tips and tricks, and a video platform like Kaltura or Panopto will ensure your campus video studio is accessible to students, faculty, and staff.