AI transcription with LiveScrypt hardware

Automatic transcription technology is now a viable and cost-effective option for the live transcription of meetings, lectures, speeches, and other events. But what should you look for in an AI transcription solution? We go over some of the key attributes for more accurate AI transcription and detail how it works with LiveScrypt, Epiphan’s dedicated device for automatic real-time transcription.

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AI transcription with LiveScrypt

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    George Birchall

    After a decade of living dangerously in the live-event space, George has seen the best and worst of live content. His experience leading the Marketing team at Epiphan make him trusted source when it comes to creating video experiences.

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    Greg Quirk

    With more than 20 years of high-tech industry experience in a variety of companies, Greg has a strong appreciation for all things technical. His electronics systems engineering degree, combined with an MBA, means he understands how something works, and then can apply that knowledge so that others can easily understand the value it offers.

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