Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live user guide

Login with device code

There are two ways you can authenticate Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live to your Facebook account. You can use the device code shown on the front screen of Webcaster X1 (also shown on an HDMI display connected to the HDMI OUT port) or you can login using your Facebook credentials.

The device code is a simple login mechanism that lets you pair your device to your Facebook account in a few very quick steps.

To authenticate your Webcaster X1 to Facebook using the device code you need:

    • Your Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live
    • (OPTIONAL) An HDMI display (that supports 1080p video) connected to your Webcaster X1
    • (OPTIONAL) A USB mouse connected to your Webcaster X1 (must be connected before boot-up)
    • A computer, tablet or mobile device
Depending on your Webcaster X1's settings for Stay logged in and Autostart after login, your broadcast may start immediately after device pairing. Check your settings and be ready to begin your broadcast.

Show me!

  • Ensure your Webcaster X1 is connected to the Internet.
  • Open a web browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Go to facebook.com/device.
  • If needed, login to your Facebook account.
  • On your display attached to Webcaster X1, a message box says Log in with Facebook (if this message does not appear, click the Login device code icon ). Type the code in this box into the device code box on your Facebook device pairing page.
  • (OPTIONAL) Alternatively, the same device code is available from Webcaster X1's screen. Enter this code in the device code box on your Facebook pairing page.
  • Click Continue, then OK and OK again in Facebook to authorize Webcaster X1 to post to your Facebook account and associated pages.
  • Note: If you have previously authorized this Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live with your Facebook account, there are fewer Facebook messages to click through, simply click OK to confirm that you have already authorized your Webcaster X1.
Your Webcaster X1 must be connected to the Internet before you can authenticate to Facebook.