Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live user guide

How to live stream to a Facebook Group

Having a Facebook Group is a great way to discuss, plan and collaborate with like-minded individuals. And what better way to address your Group than with live video? Use Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live to live stream your HDMI camera or other source directly to your Facebook Group.

  1. Connect everything and turn on Webcaster X1
    1. Connect the supplied power cable to Webcaster X1.
    2. Connect your display to the HDMI OUT port.
    3. Connect your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port.
    4. Connect your mouse to one of the USB ports.
    5. (OPTIONAL) Connect your keyboard to another USB port.
    6. Turn on Webcaster X1 using the toggle button at the back; Webcaster X1 executes its boot-up sequence.
  2. If not already logged in, authorize Webcaster X1 to use your Facebook account.
    1. Click the Preferences icon at the lower right corner of the screen; the preferences screen opens.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and ensure Automatic start streaming after user login is not checked.
    3. If you haven't already created or joined your Group on Facebook, create or join it.

    4. Authorize Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live to your Facebook account in one of two ways:
  3. Configure your live stream settings.
    1. Click the Preferences icon at the lower right corner of the screen; the preferences screen opens.
    2. Click Publish destination in the Facebook details section; Webcaster X1 asks Facebook for a list of places to which you can publish and displays these in the Publish destinations settings box.

    3. Select the Group you want to stream to. (You can easily confirm your selection after you exit the configuration menu by checking the Destination listed at the top of the display.)
    4. (OPTIONAL) Configure aspects of your Facebook post.
    5. (OPTIONAL) Configure your stream settings.
    6. Click the Right mouse button to return to the main screen.
  4. Begin your broadcast!
    1. When you are ready to start streaming, click the Start icon ; the screen updates to let you know how long you have been streaming. (Notice the info bar at the top also shows the streaming destination is your selected Group.)

      During your broadcast, click the left mouse button to show or hide the Webcaster X1 overlay (including comments, if you have your device configured to show them).

  5. End your broadcast . When your live broadcast is complete, you can stop streaming by doing any one of these three things:
    • Click the Stop icon .
    • Click the Logout icon to log out of your Facebook account (you will need to re-authenticate before using Webcaster X1 again.)
    • Turn off Webcaster X1.
    By default, if you turn off the device without logging out, you will be automatically logged in next time you turn on Webcaster X1. You can change this behavior by following the steps here: Stay logged in.
You can also use Webcaster X1 for Facebook Live in pre-configured mode with manual or automatic start.