Social media streaming

Stream HD cameras, mixers or switchers to YouTube or Facebook Live! Increase brand loyalty and engagement by adding high quality live social media content for your subscribers.

webcaster-x2 - Stream to Facebook or YouTube

Webcaster X2

$US 299.95
Buy video grabbers

The simplest way to capture video. Automatic configuration with no software or drivers to install. 4K - USB capture card 4K

$US 499.95

Epiphan HD - 60 fps HD video capture, just attach your video device and plug it into your computer. The simplest way to share video! HD

$US 399.95
Buy SDI video grabber SDI

$US 499.95

Signature video grabbers

The pro’s choice for ultimate configuration to capture video in any situation. Take control over the captured frame size, frame rate and color space.

Learn about the Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 professional video grabber for HDMI video capture along with DVI and VGA.


$US 699.95

Epiphan's SDI2USB 3.0 professional video grabber that captures video from SDI sources to your laptop over high speed USB 3.0, learn more.


$US 699.95

Live video production

All-in-one live production switchers with built-in video mixing and live streaming. These systems capture, combine, stream and record multiple video sources simultaneously. Great for live events, training or education.

Capture cards

Internal PCIe-based capture cards let you share, capture and record video using your PC, Mac or Linux computer. You can install multiple in a single machine to build an OEM video capture system. Use the optional AV kit to get even more input options.

Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo is a dual HD video capture card, helping your record and stream HDMI, DVI, VGA and SDI sources on your computer.


$US 1,399.00

Epiphan DVI2PCIe is a high performance HD video capture card, helping your record and stream HDMI, DVI, VGA sources on your computer.


$US 1,199.95

Extend your DVI2PCIe or DVI2PCIe Duo capture card with the Epiphan AV Kit. Learn more


$US 249.95

Streaming and recording

These portable video streaming and recording systems capture, stream and record HDMI, VGA or SDI video sources.

Epiphan VGADVI Broadcaster is a small portable streaming and recording device for one HD source, including audio, no computer required.

VGADVI Broadcaster

$US 1,600.00

Epiphan Lecture Recorder x2 is perfect for education and training purposes when you want 1 HD and 1 SD video source to be video streaming and recording to a remote audience or students.

Lecture Recorder x2

$US 1,999.00

Epiphan VGADVI Recorder features one HD and one SD video input, and a HD passthrough and will video stream and record without the need of any other computer system.

VGADVI Recorder

$US 2,500.00


Combine PTZ cameras with Pearl for the perfect live production or lecture capture setup! Get a beautiful, wide 72.5° view of your event, captured at 1080p. With 12× optical zoom and 2x digital zoom.

PTZ Camera

LUMiO 12x

$US 1,499.00

Specialty products

Products that meet your unique needs, from speciality 2k video capture and streaming to KVMs. All of these devices are built to Epiphan’s high quality standards, all metal enclosures, rugged and durable enough for heavy use.

Epiphan KVM2USB is pocket-sized KVM over USB. Uses the VGA, keyboard and mouse connections from the host computer and the USB connection on your laptop.


$US 499.95