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Epiphan Pearl, now with scheduling for automatic recording and livestreaming

January 1, 2024

Epiphan Pearl™ customers can automate every recording and livestream, minimizing the possibility of missed recordings or last-minute mishaps, with the new scheduling functionality included in firmware 4.21.

Use Epiphan Edge™ to schedule events for one or your entire fleet of Pearl devices from any web browser. The pre-event countdown timer and integrated confidence monitoring ensure everyone can trust their content is being recorded flawlessly, whether monitoring with Edge or looking at the screen on the Pearl.

Scheduling features include:

  • One-time or recurring events for recording and/or streaming
  • Pre-event countdown and confidence monitor on Pearl’s front screen
  • Scheduled event recordings can automatically transfer to attached USB or network storage

Available on January 2, 2024, firmware 4.21 is a free upgrade for all Pearl Nano, Pearl Mini, and Pearl-2 customers. Scheduling requires an Epiphan Edge Premium subscription.

This update also includes:

  • File transfer status now visible on Pearl front screens
  • “Easy mode” Configuration Preset is available through the device web UI
  • PIN security code for device factory reset via front screen on Pearl Nano
  • PIN security code for application of built-in configuration presets via front screen
  • Support for 192 kbps audio bitrate for .mp3 and .aac audio codec