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Epiphan Connect: Introducing the virtual confidence monitor

December 13, 2022

connect virtual confidence monitor

Adding remote guests to a production has always had its challenges. But with Epiphan Connect, it has become as simple as joining a Microsoft Teams meeting – something 270 million people do almost daily.

Eliminating the need to download drivers, plugins, and programs guests are unfamiliar with, Connect took an every day communication tool and unlocked its broadcast potential. And now with the addition of Connect’s virtual confidence monitor, we take another step towards making Microsoft Teams an essential tool in producers’ toolbox.

With the release of Epiphan Connect’s virtual confidence monitor, guests and contributors can now feel even more involved in the production. When producers enable the return feed, it gives all Microsoft Teams meeting attendees a live look at the broadcast within the meeting itself.

To enable this new feature, simply:

  • Add Epiphan Connect to your Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • Enable the return feed and the virtual confidence monitor will take the bot’s place in the meeting.

At the press of a button, guests can see how they look on the broadcast, hit their cues, anticipate switches, see supporting content on screen, and contribute to the show or event even more seamlessly from anywhere.

This feature is now included in all Epiphan Connect plans. Simply enable the return feed in your next Teams meeting to try it out for yourself!

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