April 13, 2023

‘Epiphan Connect’ Bridges Zoom Video Conferencing and Broadcast 

Palo Alto, CA, April 13, 2023 – Epiphan Video, a global leader in video capture, streaming, and recording solutions, today announced Epiphan Connect for Zoom, the latest expansion of their cloud-based tool that makes broadcast-quality live streaming more accessible.

Epiphan Connect leverages the simplicity and convenience of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to enable better hybrid productions and remote contributions through a cloud-based workflow. All guests have to do is join a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar, and the producer can extract signals to deliver broadcast quality productions, easily and efficiently.

“We saw an opportunity to expand broadcast-quality production to a wider audience,” says Nic Milani, Epiphan’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. “With its robust platform and millions of users, Zoom was the perfect fit for Epiphan Connect. We’re excited for this opportunity to collaborate with Zoom and deliver on a shared vision of video for all.”

Through a refined and intuitive interface, Epiphan Connect lets users extract as many as nine 1080p ISO video feeds (at up to 30 frames per second) from Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars, including both participants and screen shares, with isolated participant audio. It delivers the highest quality image consistently by communicating directly with Zoom infrastructure to send these feeds to any production tool, whether edge or cloud-based, leveraging the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol for end-to-end security. Via Epiphan Cloud, it also supports a direct integration with Pearl hardware, allowing ISO feeds to be sent directly from Epiphan Connect.

“Zoom is excited to welcome Epiphan to our developer ecosystem! Epiphan Connect is a powerful integration of our Meeting SDK technology to deliver value to the broadcast market and enterprise media at large,” says Andy Carluccio, Events Engineering Manager at Zoom. “Epiphan Connect weaves together Zoom’s robust AV technology and industry-leading user experience with emergent cloud workflows and versatile edge hardware, making this solution attractive for both virtual and hybrid productions.”

Expanding accessibility of broadcast quality productions

The rise of hybrid and remote work has brought unprecedented demand for communication and collaboration solutions like Zoom. More and more organizations are using the same tools for all video, whether it’s an external broadcast like a webinar or an internal event such as a corporate town hall meeting. This has driven demand for a higher quality of video – but without sacrificing convenience.

“We’re all aware of the critical role video plays, and there’s a growing understanding that quality matters more than ever to drive engagement,” says Julian Fernandez, Epiphan’s Director of Product Marketing. “We’ve heard from more and more organizations searching for Zoom functionality within Epiphan Connect, and we’re proud to announce this expanded capability.”

Epiphan has continued to innovate in this area and deliver a toolset that enables anyone to create a broadcast quality production from anywhere. Epiphan Cloud works in conjunction with Epiphan Pearl hardware at the edge to create an ecosystem of production capabilities that can work with your existing gear and workflows to make any space a studio. Whether you are looking to produce a webinar with remote participants completely in the cloud or bring in a remote contributor to an on-site all hands, our toolset allows customers to step in and make any video an experience!

Epiphan Connect for Zoom is planned to be available in May 2023. To learn more, please visit https://www.epiphan.com/connect-for-zoom/


Ron Epstein
Sr Director of Public Relations and Communications

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