• Mike Sandler

    Mike Sandler

    President and CEO

    Mike Sandler is a seasoned technology entrepreneur in the web and collaboration technology space. He has more than 25 years of management and software development experience in both private and public high technology organizations.

  • Misha Jiline headshot

    Misha Jiline


    Misha is the driving force behind Epiphan’s technology strategy. As Chief Technology Officer, Misha tracks technologies pertinent to Epiphan’s solution suite and potential partnerships. Misha also provides the vision and strategic leadership for technology implementations that further Epiphan’s mission and goals.

  • Jeff Kushner: CFO

    Jeff Kushner


    Jeff Kushner, CPA, CA, manages the finance, administration, and supply chain functions at Epiphan. He brings more than 25 years of finance and management experience in both private and public high technology organizations.

  • Anthony Taroni headshot

    Anthony Taroni

    Vice President, Sales

    Anthony manages global sales at Epiphan Video. Responsible for a worldwide network of sales representation, Anthony works closely with channel partners and regional sales teams to ensure a strong sales and support presence in key markets around the world.

  • Michael Schultz headshot

    Michael Schultz

    Vice President, Engineering

    Michael is responsible for solving challenges across the life cycle of Epiphan’s portfolio of increasingly advanced products. His mission is to successfully execute new projects and ensure ongoing, responsive operations support that prioritizes customer success.

  • George Birchall: Head of Marketing

    George Birchall

    Vice President, Marketing

    George leads Epiphan’s marketing team, bringing broad-based technical and creative experience to everything from product management to content marketing. A big-picture thinker and skilled communicator, George’s expert direction ensures a customer focus across Epiphan’s products, services, communications, and marketing collateral.