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  Easily Capture Video from iPad Using Epiphan’s Lecture Recorder x2 SolutionIf you have purchased an iPad tablet or iPhone you are probably quite happy with all the numerous outstanding features and advantages. Let us show you how you can master some new skills. Have you ever thought of screen recording from iPad or iPhone to show someone how an application works? Did you want to record your slideshows, podcasts, navigate the Web, flick through your photos, and do hundreds of other things once and just replay the video when you to show someone else? As...  Read more »»
  How Lecture Recorder x2 Helps with Teaching Dyslexic Learners Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that hinders a person's ability to read, write, spell, and sometimes speak. This permanent disability should not go undetected since a person with dyslexia should be provided continuous support through schooling. Dyslexia is caused by impairment of the brain's ability to translate images that are received from the eyes or ears into comprehensible language. What do dyslexic students need to feel comfortable when they participate...  Read more »»
  Improving Your Webinar Visuals with Lecture Recorder x2Webinars are used for a variety of purposes and it would take us much time to list them all. Individual and group mentoring, software training, educational workshops, sharing information about a new service or product, and so on. Nowadays, there are many online tools which make hosting a webinar very easy and accessible for everyone, even for persons with limited technology expertise. Usually webinars rely on visuals and audio and both should be engaging to get your ideas across....  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder as a Means for Business CollaborationON24 is the global leader in webcasting and virtual events. The company develops industry-leading webcasting, virtual events and lead generation solutions that meet the performance, value and reliability requirements of businesses of all types and sizes. ON24's focus is on the breadth of its product offering; as a result, it provides a full portfolio of products, solutions and services for internal and external communications. ON24...  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder as an Inherent Element of E-Learning SystemsWhatever changes happen in the world, the need for education will be constant. Times when traditional classroom training was the only viable option are gone. As the audience becomes more geographically dispersed, it is an issue to bring learners to a common location for training. Companies have learned to shuffle exorbitant travel, related expenses and lodging around various cost centers. As productivity increases and communication develops, it should be actively used to improve...  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Allows You to Record from iPad and Share Your Gameplay SessionsNowadays gamers are very social. If you are an expert in the iPad games, you might have been through legendary battles with many great goals. No doubt that sooner or later you will consider sharing your skills and performance with your co-players, friends, or even the players all over the world. When you share accomplishments by capturing and sharing your favourite gameplay sessions it is much easier to connect with fellow gamers and achieve status and recognition for elite skills.  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Archives Lectures Supporting Problem-Based Learning Strategy Rapid e-Learning is an ongoing trend which enables flexible and cost-effective creation of learning materials. Especially, lecture recording has turned out to be a lightweight method particularly suited for existing lectures and blended learning strategies. By recording and transmitting face-to-face lectures or presentations they are preserved for later asynchronous playback. This approach elegantly combines traditional and technology-based learning scenarios providing versatile...  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 Provides Visual and Hearing Impairment AssistanceEqual opportunities and equal rights should be secured for people with disabilities. Their specific demands among other issues are accessibility and safety in transportation and the physical environment as well as equal opportunities in independent living and education. In case when the delegates with special needs are expected to attend an event, be it meeting, seminar or conference, the organizers face some specific issues that should be addressed properly. Using cutting-edge...  Read more »»
  Lecture Recorder x2 – Reliable Tool for Corporate TrainingCorporate training and employee development are the main prerequisites today for successful business. The new business world stakes on intellectual capital.  Today, companies that want to attract and retain valuable people on staff need to actively participate in their personal growth and development. People, professional staff – is the main investment tool today not only for government but for business. Modern business all over the world spends billions of dollars...  Read more »»
  Making Screencasts with Lecture Recorder x2There are a couple of new education approaches that involve creating a sort of virtual classroom. Its members are allowed to learn at their own pace using video tutorials. The cornerstone of these approaches is ability of the instructor to show the ideas and theories using screen recording tools rather than simply explain them providing his/her personal one on one experience. Sharing a virtual desktop via video presentation (screencasting), has become popular with the advent of...  Read more »»
  Northwestern University Captures, Records and Publishes Lectures to Campus-Wide Content Management SystemsNorthwestern University is a world leader in educational lecture capture, recording, streaming, multi media content publishing and management. The university's architecture and services need to serve a diverse student population across multiple geographically dispersed campuses. The IT services architecture for lecture capture lifecycle has been built such that students can attend or view lectures without leaving their...  Read more »»
  Organize Webinars Using Epiphan Lecture RecorderPeach New Media is a leading provider of online continuing education, managed webinars, and live webcasting. PNM has taken these services and added social media to create "knowledge communities" to engage participants in a more interactive environment. A webinar, or web conferencing, provides holding live meetings, presentations and trainings over the Internet. They also can be a significant part of online continuing...  Read more »»
  Preparing Effective Materials for American Sign Language ProgramsSign language is a very old international form of communication with the hearing impaired. A modern standardized series of hand signs and signals is known as American Sign Language (ASL). Learning sign language helps people to gain a skill that can be turned into a career. Sign language speakers are major participants in public speaking events where hearing impaired people may be present in the audience. They act as the ears for a large number of people. Many careers where you...  Read more »»
  Preparing Tutorial Videos for Embedding on a Web PortalThere are plenty of websites with embedded short clips of training video that impart knowledge on multiple topics. Video tutorials have been recognized as an effective tool in teaching and providing instructions to people who need to become familiar with news products or technology. Preparing videos using screen recording equipment for delivering presentations and trainings as compare to written products has many advantages. Such videos as unique presentations are expected to...  Read more »»
  Record Your Lectures or Trainings Using Epiphan Lecture RecorderIt is an undisputable fact that the value of distance education is highly recognized by the educational institutions all over the world. The total amount of students involved in this type of education increases from year to year. Recently there has been a breakthrough in technologies for education and training that include Internet-based learning activities. They provide a number of possibilities for cross-curricular learning and international communication. Course lectures available...  Read more »»
  Recording Events from Polycom Conferencing SystemsVideo conferencing is an interactive and real time tool for companies and individuals to communicate via computer and video technology across locations and time zones. In fact it is a live connection between participants in separate locations that provides video images and audio. As people see and hear each other during the conference, they can concentrate on interaction among the participants. As a matter of fact video conferencing technology includes conferencing equipment and...  Read more »»
  Usage of Lecture Recorder x2 in Web-based Lecture TechnologiesWeb-based lecture technologies (WBLT) have recently emerged as an attractive alternative to the range of more traditional educational instruments. Digital web-based lecture recordings are now being used more and more challenging the importance of the face-to-face lecture as a prime teaching strategy. WBLT are designed to digitally record lectures for delivery over the web and contribute to the changing context of higher education. These materials are delivered...  Read more »»
  Using Lecture Recorder x2 in Diagnostics Tests for Dyslexia Dyslexia is a learning disability, a neurological language processing disorder. Its symptoms include difficulty with written and spoken information. Diagnosticians use a complete evaluation including educational, intelligence and speech/language assessments. Exam­iners try to look for the disorder’s evidence and rule out various factors causing language and reading problems. It is useful to record how the children are processing the reading and spelling tests...  Read more »»
  Why They Choose LRx2? Sound Arguments from a CustomerStreaming video represents now an important technology trend. The rise in popularity of streaming video is good news for different user groups. Those who create education content for conducting lectures and classes remotely greatly benefit from easy-to-use and set up comprehensive video broadcasting. It leverages existing content to create greater community and extends the reach of the content. Business owners who use Internet marketing to reach their target audiences realize...  Read more »»