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Epiphan Systems offers a wide variety of low-cost and easy to use image and video capture solutions that allow for the capture of any VGA and DVI signals with up to 2048×2048 resolution using the common USB, Ethernet, or PCI Express buses. Software and drivers are available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and all Epiphan frame grabbers can be easily implemented into lecture recording and broadcast solutions and a SDK and API are included for custom product development.

  Create Educational Materials and Presentations with DVI2PCIe Technology is being integrated into class curricula and more on-line courses are offered in many educational institutions. Rich multimedia content in educational courseware positively reinforces and accelerates learning and retention - positively affecting students’ learning. promotes the creation and provision of high quality distance education programs and services to diverse audiences through the most appropriate information technologies available. During creation of...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Allows For Preparing Various Educational ContentEducational programs are now more technology-oriented. The confluence of new information technologies with economics has created better opportunities driven by a world that demands quality and performance. A growing number of on-line courses are implemented in schools and universities. This teaching practice can greatly optimize performance. Among basic components that affect students’ learning in a positive way one can mention computation multimedia, and information. Distance...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe is a Visualization Tool for Online EducationeLearning is beneficial to all types of learners, corporations and generally to education and to. It produces measurable results, saves time and is affordable. This approach is more cost effective than traditional learning since less time and money is spent travelling. ELearning can be done in any geographic location and is much less costly than doing learning at a traditional institute. One of the major elearning benefits is flexibility. Education is available when and where...  Read more »»
  Use DVI2PCIe to Capture Images for e-Learning Materials It is known that traditional classroom training is no more the only available education option. Recently e-Learning solutions have become popular in addition to usual education programs. They are based on transferring the skills of knowledge over the LAN/Internet and include electronic supported learning and teaching. You are not stuck in a classroom; you can study where ever you have access to materials - at home, the library, even while traveling. Image capturing and broadcasting...  Read more »»
  Use DVI2USB to Capture and Record Lectures and SeminarsThe University of Michigan is one of the top universities of the world, a diverse public institution of higher learning, fostering excellence in research. Internationally renowned for research and education, the University of Michigan offers a wide variety of degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Michigan's programs are relevant to the goals of its students, responsive to the changing needs of society and reflective...  Read more »»
  DVI2USB 3.0 Lecture Capture at Northwestern University As a world leader in educational lecture capture, recording and streaming, Northwestern University has been using various Epiphan products for many years. Epiphan frame grabbers and Lecture Recorder x2 can be found throughout their lecture capture AV architecture. This...  Read more »»
  Automate Video Capture for Screencasting Using Epiphan VGA2USBAlthough lectures are usually given before a live audience, it is a popular and effective practice to record education content for on-demand viewing over the Internet. lecture management systems are used for configuring, managing and publishing captured lectures. It is possible to perform multiple post-production tasks such as lecture timeline editing, information posting and speaker assets, integration into other systems, and much more. Content can be more meaningful due to tagging,...  Read more »»
  Capture Presentations and Transfer them to Multiple Lecture and Library Halls with VGA2USB Temple University is a famous provider of professional education in USA (medicine, law, pharmacy, architecture). This comprehensive public research university prepares the largest body of professional practitioners in Pennsylvania and is among the top universities in the nation with comprehensive nationally recognized research programs. Justin Y.Shi, professor  at Temple...  Read more »»
  Capture University Lectures with Epiphan VGA2USBThe University of California, Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz) is a nationally ranked research university devoted to excellence in undergraduate teaching. Located near Silicon Valley, UC Santa Cruz embraces technology in the classroom – offering a number of lectures online as streaming video or podcasts. To record its lectures, UC Santa Cruz is using Epiphan’s VGA2USB...  Read more »»
  Enhance Webcasting Products Using Epiphan VGA2USB A broad range of events can be broadcast across the Internet using streaming technology. These are corporate meetings, specialty events, presentations and webinars. Broadcasts from forums, tradeshows, and seminars have become very popular. There is a plenty of advantages of using webcasts. First of all we should mention increased attendance as it seems to be one of the best benefits of webcasting. People who cannot travel and attend programs or seminars that you arranged can...  Read more »»
  Multiple Applications of Epiphan’s Imaging Equipment in Education ProcessesEducation programs in the digital age are extremely effective, innovative and immediately relevant. They allow learners to experience expanded abilities, gain direct access to technology and make possible what seemed impossible before. The use of advanced teaching techniques provides everyone with diverse content making high-tech conditions a principal part of teaching. The information is shared verbally as well as visually through representations such as three dimensional models,...  Read more »»
  Offer Leading-Edge Webinar Solutions Using Epiphan VGA2USBUbicast offers plug-and-broadcast video production systems for corporate establishments, teaching institutions and music-related locations. Ubicast technology allows users to cost-effectively create live or video-on-demand content for Internet WebTV channels, using its semi- or fully automated appliances. Ubicast's Linux-based appliance integrates standards-compliant capture and encoding products, including...  Read more »»
  Capture Lectures and Presentations with Epiphan VGA2USB LRIt is beyond question that web conferencing is a great way to collaborate and communicate. This technology can provide multiple benefits for an organization. It is a good possibility to save on travel costs. Although web conferencing does not reduce any travel budget to zero, it contributes to bringing the costs down. Conducting a web meeting reduces both hard (flights, hotels) and soft (employee time) travel costs. Since the meetings can be organized on short notice, Web conferencing...  Read more »»
  Capturing the Night Sky with Epiphan VGA2USB LR Neil Horne is an amateur astronomer who observes and photographs the night sky. To capture and share images taken from his observatory, Horne is using the Epiphan VGA2USB LR frame grabber. “Not only can I grab frames with the Epiphan unit,” Horne explains, “I can stream the video on a website and allow others to share my night sky with me using the VGA2USB LR DirectShow driver.” Horne...  Read more »»
  Record Campus Lectures with Epiphan VGA2USBOklahoma State University (OSU) is using Epiphan’s VGA2USB LR frame grabber to record college lectures and broadcast them online. To record its lectures, OSU uses a computer, to display and record Powerpoint slides and websites that appear on the...  Read more »»
  Record Presentations from Macintosh or Linux using Epiphan VGA2USB LRThe Institute for Software Research (ISR) in the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (SCS) is the focal point for research and education in software engineering and computation.  The Insititute’s research areas in software engineering include software architecture specification, software analysis, and aspects of cybersecurity. The videography team at the Institute for Software Research in Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science...  Read more »»
  Record University Lectures with Epiphan VGA2USB LRTufts University School of Medicine has been a national leader in medicine since its founding in 1893. The school frequently records classroom lectures for future reference by students. “We used to capture lectures for the university using VGA scalers,” explains Brian Williams, who works for the school’s Educational Media Center. “But we recently purchased software...  Read more »»
  Use VGA2USB LR to Deliver Presentations for Distance LearningAustralian National University (ANU) is a public teaching and research university. It is consistently ranked as the best institution of higher learning in the Southern Hemisphere. The ANU colleges embrace law, economics, medicine, engineering and other sciences. Distance-learning opportunities have exploded over the past few years with increased use of the Internet. One of the main advantages of distance education is the flexibility...  Read more »»
  VGA2USB LR Helps Disabled Attendees to Participate at Conferences In some countries conference organizers are required to provide equal access to those with disabilities. Epiphan has a number of products that provide organizers with facilities to serve persons with different types of disability. These facilities empower visual and hearing impaired attendees to benefit from attending the conference and work to their full potential. These are services that complement or replace sign language interpreters, providing screen-readers, magnification...  Read more »»
  Prepare Video for University Courses with VGA2USB ProMaryville University of St. Louis is a private, coeducational university in Town and Country, Missouri. Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's best colleges in the Masters-Midwest category, Maryville University students may choose from 50 academic programs, including degrees at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. In traditional lecture method of teaching the teacher controls everything...  Read more »»