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VGA Grid is a solution that allows multiple VGA, DVI, video, and audio sources to be recorded in one central location. It supports the capture of local (via internal capture card) as well remote (via network frame grabber) signals. Up to 256 sources may be connected at once, and the recorder signal may be either stored on the VGA Grid sever, or sent directly to a secure off-site location.

  New Security Platform Provides Wide Area SurveillanceIt is reasonable that security departments of every company are striving to upgrade its recording infrastructure with a technology that would have a serious impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of its security systems. They need to set the stage for digital recording security platforms. Our customers are no exception. Read on to know how one of them has deployed a new security platform based on Epiphan's VGA...  Read more »»
  Security System in the Worship CenterUnfortunately crimes can happen any place, any time and worship centres are no exemption. The nature of the worship makes people vulnerable before the crimes of opportunity and other violations of law. Evidently it is necessary to review surroundings with a special eye and do one’s best the institution, its property and the congregation. Visual security systems are able to prevent, deter or resolve many threats. While all threats cannot be prevented by, the documentation...  Read more »»
  Use VGA Grid in Business Security Systems All business owners know that unexpected trouble can strike their company any time. Business could be vulnerable to internal and external theft. Monitoring deters criminal activity. A good security system must have the ability to display live video simultaneously from all cameras and record it nonstop for surveillance purposes. VGA Grid...  Read more »»
  Video Surveillance during Sporting EventsReliable surveillance equipment is a very principal element of the total security efforts each organization or company puts forward to protect life and property. The ability to survey and detect an illegal activity before an intrusion or crime is committed, saves costs towards theft and large scale property damage. Surveillance cameras greatly contribute to security and protection of businesses. The options and range of available surveillance cameras has encouraged their deployment...  Read more »»
  Video Surveillance System: Monitoring Campus for Illegal ActivityEvery college takes care to create a safe campus environment promoting improved student achievement and well-being. The video surveillance system using the VGA Grid appliance from Epiphan has been deployed in one of the Italian colleges. The college has two campuses that need to be well protected since concerns over campus safety are growing permanently. In order to deliver crime-free and quiet...  Read more »»