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Telemedicine – DistanceDoc

DistanceDoc is an interactive telemedicine solution for video capture and remote sharing of DICOM/diagnostic-quality medical images and DICOM images from virtu­ally any medical device that has a video display. Using DistanceDoc, doctors are able to remotely supervise medical procedures and provide remote consultation to emergency rooms, high risk military zones, traveling sports teams, and more.

  DVI2PCIe - Reliable Tool for Ultrasound ExaminationsIt goes without saying that technology and information rule the world. Today we can’t imagine our everyday life without technologies – from getting up in the morning to going to bed in the evening. Technologies give us comfort, food, security and the most essential – they save our life and take care of our health. Today all modern healthcare systems are based on technologies! Do you remember when for the last time you’ve seen a doctor visiting his patient...  Read more »»
  DVI2PCIe Successfully Captures and Transmits Images for Medical Records Keeping hard copies of medical records with images always is of current concern. As a matter of fact clinicians use to create multiple images when performing diagnostics since imaging technology is emerging worldwide now. According to requirements captured data should be kept for many years. It was an issue for the hospitals and health centres to process a large number of medical records. It is up to emerging modern technologies that there is no problem now to store and access...  Read more »»
  Use VGA Grid to Broadcast and Record Multiple Ultra Sound Sessions Diagnostic ultra sound has been used in clinical medicine for many years. Ultra sound is widely available, easy-to-use and less expensive than other imaging methods. A large American clinic provides a wide variety of ultra sound examinations which are carried out in 16 rooms. Epiphan’s VGA Grid™ helps the sonographers to communicate with the required specialists on the fly.   Simultaneous...  Read more »»